New Dog Park at TT Orlando

We’d heard rumours of a new dog park going in at Thousand Trails Orlando when we were last here over the Christmas/New Year holiday period and there was lots of fundraising going on in the park with raffles and dinners, etc.  TT Orlando is a huge park and a dog park was badly needed.  I’m not sure if Thousand Trails or Encore put in any money towards the dog park or not but I know lots of people were donating money to make this worthwhile project happen sooner rather than later.  As usual, we took Teddy for a walk this morning and went over to explore the new park.  It’s only been open for a few days and is located to the right of main access road, across from the recreation hall, not far from where the golf practise net and nature trail entrance are situated.  It is set off the road and nestled in against the trees, so there is plenty of shade available for tired dogs.  The dog park consists of two chain link fenced areas, one for small dogs and a separate area for large dogs.  There isn’t any water available just yet or any benches to sit on either but I suspect those features will be added in due course.  Another nice feature would be a poop bag dispenser as well.  We were the only ones there this morning but Teddy had a ball running around off leash and playing keep away with his tennis ball.  He even got to try out the ‘large’ dog side of the park.  We played for about 30 minutes and had a great time.  There is talk of organized play times in the near future as well.

Our time here at TT Orlando is drawing to a close.  We leave for Rambler’s Rest in Venice, FL on Thursday morning.  Lee & Judy are already there and say the park is in great shape.  We are both looking for a change of scenery and thought we should try somewhere else other than Thousand Trails and somewhere nearer to the water too.  Rambler’s Rest seems to fit our needs and we managed to book two weeks there at a special price of $120/week, all in. I’m really looking forward to Venice because there is a great bird rookery located behind the Highway Patrol office.  I spent a day or two there several years ago and the number of herons, egrets, anhingas and cormorants nesting in this small mangrove area was incredible.  Must have been 500 or more birds in the bushes which are located maybe 25 meters offshore.  Here’s a shot of a couple of egrets I grabbed with my 500mm lens using a tripod.  Hoping to get some more great shots this year, so stay tuned.

Great Egret and Young Squawking


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  1. Jeannie February 18, 2012 at 8:28 am #

    Glad to hear info about Rambler’s Rest. We are thinking about staying there. We’ll be sure to ask for a big site if we do.