Tervis Factory

Another hot day in Venice, Florida today with temps in the mid 80sF and the air conditioners were certainly humming trying to keep everyone cool.  We lost power in our sector of Rambler’s Rest for about an hour this afternoon.  A visit to the Tervis factory in Osprey was on our calendar this morning.  This is the place that makes all those very popular double lined plastic glasses, tumblers, water bottles, etc that don’t sweat.  They all come with a life time guarantee too!  We’ve had a set of 16 oz tumblers for about 3 years ago that needed to be replaced because they did sweat when ice was in the glass.  The Tervis rep never batted an eye when Chris asked about replacing them.  We walked out with four new 16 oz tumblers and some fancy, shmancy 24 oz water bottles too that should come in handy on the bikes and at pickleball.  I grabbed the colorful shot below of one of their shelf displays with my iPhone.  The store itself is nothing fancy but they sure do have a popular product line.  Lots of sport team themed glasses too with just about every MLB, NFL, NBA and some NHL teams represented.

Lunch was at TJ Carney’s in old town Venice.  Chris had the fish & chips which was the best she’s had in Florida so far and I tried the Black & Bleu salad which was a large garden salad topped with a boiled egg , a generous portion of  blackened tuna steak, vinefrette dressing and dinner roll on the side.  It was very yummy too!

Since we were already downtown, we continued south on Harbor Drive past Shark’s Pier and a return trip to the dog beach just down the road.  Judging from Teddy’s picture above, would you say he enjoyed his romp in the surf and sand?  Chris let him off leash as soon as we locked the gate behind us and he was off like a shot for the water.  We found him scampering about with the other dogs.  He was likely looking for his pal Nicky but Nick stayed home today. We wandered along the beach for about half an hour before heading home.

Today is clean house day at Phaeton Place, both inside and out.  Need to look all spiffy for the Sarasota Tiffin rally which starts at the Fairground tomorrow morning.  Interestingly, two Allegro Buses and an Allegro Open Road came into the park yesterday afternoon from Silver Palms and Riverbend.  They all know each other and I introduced myself to the group this afternoon while we were all outside during the power outage.  I see a comment from Margie on my Venice Finale post indicating they will be in Sarasota as well, so looks like the rally will be great fun.  250 coaches!  Wow!!



  1. Sarah Bretzer March 3, 2012 at 12:34 am #

    I love Tervis…. I also have that fancy cup in your pic! Pfffft…. Obviously :)

  2. Marsha February 29, 2012 at 9:15 am #

    How nice of them to replace the tumblers. I have heard nothing but great things about the company!
    Have a great time at the rally! ~wheresweaver