Winter Garden Village

We stuck around TT Orlando for the whole day yesterday.  Chris kept busy cleaning the inside of Phaeton Place while I made myself scarce over at the pickleball courts and swimming pool.  I had ordered a replacement roller for our Dirt Devil Rug Rat attachment some time ago and we picked it up while in Red Bay last month.  Our Dirt Devil was still within it’s three year warranty so the replacement roller was free.  I had my doubts that a new roller would have the Rug Rat attachment working properly again but lo and behold, it works like a charm.  Taking the Rug Rat apart was pretty simple too and I even managed to get it all back together with no parts left over anywhere!  This thing really sucks……and in a good way too!

I cycled up to pickleball and played for about two hours or so.  We had some good games too.  Travis and Butch are in the park now so it’s nice to play with some seasoned players.  We still aren’t seeing any intermediate to advanced players playing at 3 pm though.  We seem to get 10-20 players out in the morning and after that the courts are pretty much empty.  A little swim in the adult pool around lunch time.  There was actually some one else swimming laps along side of me instead of people just paddling around in the water.  Water temp was about 82F which was fine for lap swimming but the water volleyballers were complaining it was too cold.  We played water volleyball for a couple of hours too until I realized I was starting to get a little pink under the sun and called it a day.  There were 15-18 player on each side of the net so we had a lot of fun batting the ball around.

Chris has Phaeton Place all spic and span.  Teddy is enjoying lounging around in air conditioned comfort inside.  He gets his walks in early in the morning before breakfast and after supper, once things have cooled off a little.  His dark coat makes long walks in the heat of the day hard on him. Chris started a little spring cleaning on her wardrobe yesterday as well and has half a bag to go to donation.  I’ve already gone through most of my stuff but expect I’ll find a few more bits to go out the door.

A little shopping trip into Orlando today to visit a quilting store and a bead store Chris found on line.  Both were in an older area of town where we have never been so it was nice to see some of the older homes with the large live oak trees in some yards.  We followed that up with  a run back to Winter Garden Village for some more shopping and a little lunch at Panera Bread.  Some clothes went, so naturally, more clothes were needed.  Chris found a great skirt and some tops while I relaxed in air conditioned comfort at Barnes & Nobles.  One week down at TT Orlando….two more weeks to go.