Cummins South, Ocala, Florida

We were on the road from TT Orlando by 8:30 am this morning and headed north on Hwy 27 bound for Cummins South in Ocala. Traffic was moderate until we got on I-75 for the last thirty miles into Ocala. We arrived a little late for our 10 am appointment but it wasn’t a problem at all. We checked in, unhooked our Vue and took off for a little lunch at Five Guys before heading for Silver Springs. We had originally planned to tour Silver Springs this afternoon but upon arriving at the park we were struck by how old and run down it looked and frankly, having to pay $7.00 to park and then $32 each to get in just didn’t sit right with either of us.

Instead we went for a little driving tour to the small towns of Fort McCoy and Eureka in search of the property formerly owned by my in laws. I hadn’t been back here in over twenty years so it took a little trial and error to finally find it, but we did. The mobile home has a carport added to it now and also a large storage shed at the back that wasn’t there before. Ron Dunn, a neighbor to Elson & Isabel for years was still there and popped over to see why I was there. He remembered me after all these years and we shared a few good stories about the neighborhood as it was years ago.

We continued over to Salt Springs and then did a loop through Ocala National Forest on our way back to Ocala. Phaeton Place was all done and sitting on a paved RV site behind Cummins South when we got back. We are plugged in with 50 amp service for tonight and our slides out. The bill for our 23000 mile service and generator service came to $650. The service at Cummin South was impeccable and we’ll definitely be coming back here again.

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  1. Marsha March 29, 2012 at 12:43 am #

    I get so upset when they charge us to park! What the heck is all that about? How can I visit you if I can’t park my car?
    So glad you received good service. Makes for a nice day. ~wheresweaver