Doggie Parade

Chris & Teddy


The last day of the Tiffin Buddy Rally was a windy one.  Gusty winds from the west resulted in most awnings being brought in by midday.  A few more seminars for both of us in the morning.  Most rallies offer a free repair service for minor items and this rally was no exception.  Motorhome owners were each allowed to have three minor items repaired.   We are still having problems with an intermittent video signal going from our DVD receiver to any of our TVs.  Triple H Electronics has techs here from Red Bay and they think it may be either a faulty HDMI splitter or perhaps also the DVD receiver may be a little wonky and need replacing.  They didn’t have any parts for me to try so I’m going to leave it until we get to TT Orlando on Thursday of this week when I’ll have a little more time to thoroughly test things.  The techs did manage to properly reseat one of the hinge screws on the wet bay door panel on the passenger side.  I’m not sure if it had vibrated loose while driving or if perhaps it hadn’t been securely fitted when we were last in Red Bay.  In any event, all is good now.

Chris & Teddy starred in the doggie parade after lunch.  They didn’t win anything but they both had a lot of fun getting dressed up and walking with the other dogs and owners.  Note the matching bandanas in the above photo I grabbed with my iPhone 4.  They sure are cute!  An ice cream social was held after lunch which was very well attended.  The final dinner was the best meal we had at the rally but they were all good.  We had beef tenderloin, baked potato, mixed vegetables and a garden salad for our main course with coffee and strawberry shortcake for dessert.  The Bellamy Brothers performed for two hours after supper and put on a great show.  Chris & I both remember some of their hits from when were in high school back at CFB Baden in Germany back in the 70s and it’s always nice to hear 70s music!

  We had Phaeton Place pretty well all packed up by 9 pm last night.  The weather forecast called for rain this morning but that never materialized.  Instead, it was pretty windy again from about 2 am this morning right through this evening.  We pulled out of Sarasota fairgrounds around 10 am and were all set up at Lazydays Rally Park in Seffner before lunch time.  We have a 9 am appointment in the paint shop at Lazydays tomorrow morning.  They will fix the scratched passenger side panels that occurred when we had our wet bay floor replaced along with a couple of hairline cracks in the paint on the back cap we noticed while in Red Bay.

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