Downtown Disney

Today was our last real day in Orlando so we decided to head for Downtown Disney for a few hours this morning to have a look around.  It wasn’t very busy but busy enough, if that makes any sense.  We wandered around before grabbing lunch at Fulton’s Crab House.  We sat outside on the deck overlooking the lake and counting the water taxis as they shuttled people back and forth.  We each had fish & chips and shared a garden salad between us.  The salad was excellent and the fish & chips were also pretty good.  Chris checked out a few stores while I busied myself taking some pictures.  According to Chris’s pal in the above photo, she’s #1……but then I’ve always known that anyway.

We stopped for a few groceries on the way home.  I even managed to duck in for a haircut while Chris pushed the cart around Publix.  We got back to TT Orlando around 3 pm and wear greeted by a writhing Teddy at the top of stairs inside our entry door.  We’ve been leaving Teddy for 1-5 hours now in the motorhome while we are out without any problems whatsoever.  We don’t even need to put him in his cage anymore.  He just curls up and has a snooze while we are gone.  As soon as that door opens though, he’s just quivering with excitement, wagging his tail, butt and whatever else he can manage to wiggle to greet us when we return home.  It is so funny to see!  We took him for a nice walk around the park and then I had to pop up to the mail room because my packages were here.  Been waiting since Wednesday of last week for a new lens to arrive.

Grey Squirrel

Last week I traded in two lens to Adorama.  I sent them my old Canon 100-400 zoom, my Canon 70-200 f2.8 ISM and my Canon 1.4 x tele-extender on trade for a brand new Canon 70-200 f2.8 ISM II and Canon 1.4 x III tele extender.  I wasn’t using the 100-400 lens very much anyway.  It was slow to focus on birds when using it with my Cannon 1D Mk IV so it had to go.  Adorama buys used lens and then resells them.  They give up to 70% of the resale value so this turned out to be a pretty good deal for me.  It also got me a brand new series II zoom lens and series III tele extender which have been very well reported on when used with the Canon 1D Mk IV and Canon 5D MkII.  There was another little purchase that went along with these lens but I’ll let you guess what that might be from the above test photo I took of the grey squirrel.  Couldn’t find any birds to try it on around the park but perhaps tomorrow.

So tomorrow is clean up day around Phaeton Place.  Chris has her inside chores all planned out for tomorrow while I tend to the outside.  We’ll pack up almost everything tomorrow so we don’t have to hang around for too long on Wednesday morning.  Wednesday morning we head for the Cummins South facility in Ocala for our spring motorhome service.  We’ll overnight there and then move on to The Great Outdoors in Titusville on Thursday for a week.  Really looking forward to seeing what TGO is all about and are hoping it lives up to the hype.  Merritt Island and Viera Wetlands are also on the radar for more bird photography while we are staying in Titusville.