Great Horned Owls

We took our time getting started out of Cummins South this morning.  Last night was very quiet and we enjoyed a sleep in of sorts, at least until the large trucks started arriving in the yard next door just after 6 am.  For anyone looking for a great service location in central Florida, Cummins South in Ocala is the place to go.  They even have RV parking with 50 amp power and water available on site at no charge.  A great place to spend the night!  Anyway, we hit the road for Titusville about 10 am heading east on Hwy 40 through Silver Springs and then down through Deland before joining up with I-4 and I-95 on our way into Titusville.  Traffic was a little slow through Silver Springs but we did manage to find diesel selling for $4.079/gallon at a BP station east of Silver Springs.  The cheapest price we saw all day by quite a bit.  We had one little wrinkle as we packed up to leave.  The slide topper on our dining room slide refused to roll up inside the roller as it should.  I got the ladder and climbed up for a look.  Everything looks fine but I gave the roller a little tap with a broom handle anyway before having Chris pull the slide in again.  Yep……the slide came it and the topper rolled up inside the roller as it should.  Go figure!

Great Horned OwletWe are very impressed with the Great Outdoors so far.  The welcome center is very nice and the staff willingly supplied all kinds of tourism pamphlets of places for us to check out.  This place is huge!  It is a combination of houses, house with RV ports and RV sites.  Seems like most people enjoying zooming around the paved streets on golf carts.  There is a bank, restaurant, hair dresser, post office and much more right here at the resort.  We are staying at 396 Oak Cove Road for our week here.  We took Teddy for a nice walk once we finished setting up.  We found the dog park and he quickly made some new friends including Winston, a lovely Basset Hound.  We even ran into people from Kincardine, Bracebridge and Ottawa, Ontario.  Small world.  It sure wouldn’t be hard to spend the entire winter here.  Hoping to check into long term stays for next year while we are here.

Birding in these parts is absolutely fabulous with Merritt Island NWR, Viera Wetlands and Orlando Wetlands all within an hour’s drive of TGO.  We are heading for Merritt Island NWR in the morning.  While out with Teddy this afternoon, we learned of a great horned owl family nesting in the park just down from where we are set up.  Once we got back to the motorhome, I grabbed my new 300 mm lens with a 1.4 x tele extender and hustled over there in the Vue.  I managed to get some killer hand held shots of a baby owlet and one of the adult owls too.  I’m pretty pleased with how these two shots turned out but may go back another time with my tripod and 500mm lens for a little added reach.  There are two owlets who just left the nest for the first time yesterday afternoon, so we are here at exactly the right time.

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  1. Marsha March 30, 2012 at 12:24 am #

    I do love the photos! Great job! ~wheresweaver