We arrived at Lazydays last Sunday and spent one night in the Rally park campground before moving over to the service center on Monday morning to have some paint work done. We wound up staying in front of our service for the past two nights instead of going back to the campground but they plugged us in and we had plenty of water in our tank, so we were good to go.

Demond McKinley is our salesman at Lazydays and we asked him to give us a price difference on a 2012 43 ft Allegro Bus QGP……just for kicks more than anything else. Let’s just say we were not even close to talking terms. :). Way too much money for us but it’s always nice to dream, right?


The paint shop did a great job fixing all the knicks and scratches in our wet bay passenger side panel and also the stress cracks in the paint above the engine housing door on the rear cap. Those repairs were all covered by Tiffin too. Phaeton Place spent much of yesterday afternoon in the paint booth which kept all the dust and dirt down. Certainly not something you want to deal with when painting. Lazydays threw in a complimentary wash to spruce up our home and we paid the extra money to have the roof done and also have the wheels polished and cleaned. As you can see from the close up above, the wheels turned out great.

We were done at Lazydays shortly after lunch and have returned to rally park for the night. We’ll head off for another stay at TT Orlando in the morning. But first, we have one more complimentary happy hour to attend at Crown Club thanks to Demond. You rock!

Later. Life is great!