Thousand Trails Orlando

The weather on Thursday morning out of Tampa was clear and sunny for our 70 minute drive east on I-4 and north on US 27 for our final stay at TT Orlando this season. The preserve was very busy when we arrived around 10:30 am. Chris went inside to register while I busied myself unhooking our Vue. We’ve found it easier to unhook in the parking lot at registration instead of waiting to do it by the main club house parking lot. That lot gets pretty busy at times too. We were disappointed there were no 50 amp sites remaining in either G or I sections but we made do with a nice 30 amp site in E section for our first night. That’s the first time we haven’t managed to grab a 50 amp site this season upon arrival though.

Motorhome in Storage - Long Time!

Once we were all set up our first order of business was to take Teddy for a nice walk. Our friends, Keith & Marie, we’re in our old site, G-103, from our last stay here so we wandered over to say hi and have a chat. It was there we learned that other friends, Lee & Judy, had cut their stay in Florida short and headed back north. Lee’s back had been bothering him a lot while we were all together in Venice and wasn’t getting any better, so they headed for home to consult with their own doctors. They did the right thing too because he has surgery scheduled for early next month.

I played Pickleball on Thursday afternoon for a couple of hours with David, Debbie, Tom, Connie, Allan & Susan while Chris worked on her nutrition course. It’s a little easier getting court time in the afternoon than in the mornings. Friday morning, Chris grabbed her nordic poles and went on a power walk around the preserve for over an hour. I took Teddy for a walk and spotted a primo empty 50 amp site in G section so we hustled back to Phaeton Place to call the main office in order to orchestrate a site change. While Chris was still out pounding the pavement, I packed up everything and had things pretty much ready to move when she got back. It wasn’t long before we were all set up on site G-56 for the next three weeks. Its a large flat, fully paved site. I think I counted six Phaetons on our row! Have to make sure we go back to the right coach now! After our move we joined a group for lunch at Miller’s Ale House on Hwy 192. We all had the fish & chips and it was pretty good.

Teddy’s been off his food a little these past few days and has had some loose stools too but still has plenty of energy. He’s a little vacuum cleaner at times when out on his walks. We weren’t sure if he may have picked up something he shouldn’t have or if perhaps fleas or ticks may also be an issue. We thought a trip to Four Corners Animal Hospital was in order, just to be safe. The vet gave him some anti biotic and deworming medication and also did a blood test. The blood test came back negative and he is feeling much better today displaying his usual limitless energy.

Saturday we all went for another power walk around the preserve. This gives me a chance to catch up on a few podcasts on my iPhone while walking. Teddy was a bundle of energy and was very interested in a young sandhill crane that was feeding with its parents on the edge of the road near the main gate. Of course, I didn’t have my camera with me, just my iPhone, so not the best photo here. Hope to get out with my zoom lens in the coming days.

It’s been raining most of the day today in Orlando but the forecast is clear and sunny for the rest of the week.