Tiffin’s Sarasota Buddy Rally

We packed up most of Phaeton Place on Wednesday afternoon and boy was it ever hot out! In fact, we kept blowing the breaker very fifteen minutes or so, which simply should not have happened on a 50 amp site. It took a visit to the office and a follow up phone call before someone came by and changed out the breaker on the power pedestal. Our Progressive Industries surge protector did it’s job multiple times by protecting us from low voltage on one leg and high voltage on the other. We’ve accumulated quite a bit of pollen and dust all over the coach in the two weeks we’ve spent at Rambler’s Rest but most of it came off quite easily with my California Duster.

We popped in to see Lee & Judy yesterday afternoon while out walking Teddy in the heat of the day. Lee’s back is still not right and he appears to be most comfortable while laying on the sofa with his feet raised. He was to go back to se the doctor today after we set off for Sarasota. I grabbed this shot of Judy & Chris outside Phaeton Place this morning. While on the subject of health matters, our friend Barb called this afternoon advising that Dennis had undergone successful surgery out in Palm Springs, CA which was really wonderful to hear. He is still in ICU for another 2-3 days but doing fine.

We headed north on I-75 from Venice for the Tiffin Buddy Rally in Sarasota around 10 am. The interstate was slow going for the first twenty minutes because of construction around Venice and Nokomis but it soon got going and before long we were pulling into the fair grounds on Ringling Blvd, our home for the next three nights.

We’ve only been to one rally before. Back in 2008, we took our Bounder to the FMCA chapter rally in Augusta, NJ and it was terrible. We swore then it would be a long time before we ever attended another FMCA rally. In fact, we never even renewed our FMCA membership after the first year. Maybe that rally was an oddity but we weren’t prepared to try another until this Tiffin Buddy rally popped up on the radar. We pulled in to the fair grounds before 11am. Chris followed me up in the Vue as noted in our rally package instructions and we were quickly and very efficiently directed to our parking spot. Once our row was filled, they ran 30 amp electric for all attendees with strict instructions to run only one air conditioner. So far everything is top notch.

Once we were set up it was off to registration and later the meet and greet. We left Teddy alone inside the coach for about 40 minutes while we registered. For the first time, he wasn’t even inside his cage. Teddy was fine and didn’t get into any mischief at all. Upon our return, we found him fast asleep in my chair. Teddy enjoyed walking about and meeting other dogs at the rally this afternoon.

The number of vendors at this rally is smaller than what you’d see at something like the Tampa RV show in January or at Quartzsite but we still found a few things we needed, like more Dri-Wash and also a nifty little clip on pouch for carrying money, cell phone, etc while wearing shorts. Chris got herself one with an embroidered mini schnauzer on it and the lady also added Teddy’s name to it for an extra dollar.

North Trail RV from Fort Myers and Lazydays from Tampa have about thirty new Tiffin Motorhomes on site and four have apparently been sold already. We enjoyed seeing the new floor plans but didn’t see anything better than what we already have in Phaeton Place. We’ve met lots of new friends and some even know us from our blog and really like my photographs. Always nice to meet a fan! Tomorrow we have lots of seminars to attend, after coffee and doughnuts of course!