Verizon 4G 4510L Mifi

Great Blue Heron Nest BuildingThe Short Version:     The new 4G mifi arrived yesterday and is working very well so far.  There is definitely a very noticeable increase in both download and upload speeds.  It doesn’t appear that our Cradlepoint MBR1000 router is compatible with this particular mifi so we are limited to hooking up only five devices to it.  With our old Verizon 3G mifi 2200 connected to our Cradlepoint router, we could hook up as many devices as wanted.  Apparently, we’ll have to upgrade our Cradlepoint router if we want to connect this new 4G 4510L router to it.  It’s not a deal breaker for us to have more than five devised connected at once.  It just means the router and mifi would be stored out of the way in our entertainment cupboard above the passenger seat.

The Long Version:  I think Verizon first called us on Wednesday with this offer and I arranged to have the new 4G 4510L mifi sent to us here at Thousand Trails Orlando with free two day shipping, so it should have arrived on Friday.  On Thursday morning I checked my emails and found a shipping notice from Verizon advising our new mifi was shipped…..but to Ohio!  I called Verizon and they said they made a mistake but that I would have to call FedEx and cancel the order because it was in my name.  I didn’t understand the logic behind that statement and complained that I now had to use even more cell phone minutes to sort out Verizon’s mistake.  My complaint didn’t even register.  So I called FedEx only to be told that Verizon had already canceled the order!!!!  I called Verizon back and spoke with the same marketing representative.  She agreed to send another unit to us at the correct address here at Thousand Trails but that it wouldn’t be here until Monday afternoon because of the weekend.  I explained that was simply not good enough and that Verizon should pick up the $12.99 cost for FedEx overnight shipping because it was Verizon’s mistake.  A supervisor agreed with me and the order shipped with free overnight delivery arriving on Friday afternoon.   Wait it gets better…………..!!!

So last night I’m trying to get this new mifi working and have the SIM card installed properly before trying to use the telephone activation procedure from my cell phone…..more cell phone minutes wasted.  Well the automated activation process wont work, so I call Verizon…..more cell phone minutes used.… and they can’t activate it from their end either!  I’m told there is no such thing as a 20 GB plan for the 4G 4510L and the best they could do was activate it with a 10 GB plan for $80/month.  I declined of course and we took Teddy for a walk to cool off.  While out for our walk, Verizon called back……more cell phone minutes used…..and again told me there was no such thing as a 20 GB data plan for a mobile device and that marketing made a mistake offering it to me.  The girl also asked me to send the unit back to them but made no offer to pay for return shipping.  Well at this point, I’m about to lose it so I just hang up on her.

A few minutes later marketing calls me and asks what the problem is.  After a lengthy explanation for me….more cell phone minutes…..they agreed to call me back and assist with activation once we were done our walk.  They called back and I suggested the difficulty in activating the new 4G mifi might be because our old 3G mifi had the same phone number and was still turned on.  She figured that shouldn’t cause any activation problems for the new mifi.  After several more failed attempts to activate the new mifi while I was on the phone to Verizon, they got a supervisor involved but he had already gone home for the weekend so I wouldn’t be able to use the unit until at least Monday.  Not good enough!!!  I said sort this out TONIGHT or you can have the unit back if Verizon pays shipping.  I also said that given all the cell phone minutes I have been forced to waste because of Verizon’s ineptitude, I thought it more than reasonable for Verizon to give us our first month with the new 4G mifi free!

Another call back from Verizon…….more cell phone minutes used……but this time I deactivated our old 3G mifi before trying to activate the new 4G mifi.  Eureka!!!!!  The activation worked and we are up and running with a 20 GB plan for $59.99/month plus taxes and no throttling either.  The marketing rep wouldn’t bite on the free month for us but I’ve asked for the manager assigned to our case to give me a call on Monday.  Yeah…..right!

Bottom line…….it works!

Today’s photo is another shot from my recent trip to Venice Rookery.  Hope you enjoy.  Comments about the photo or my Verizon debacle are always welcome and appreciated.

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  1. Jeannie March 18, 2012 at 12:16 pm #

    Well, hats of to you for persistence! Geesh! I called and asked about the 20 gig plan and they said there is no such thing. Is this because you are Canadian? How did you get the 20 gig plan? I’ll keep calling them and bugging them if there is! Thanks for any info on this!