Alligator Farm

We were up early again this morning for a 9:00 am return visit to the Alligator Farm.  We got there about 8:30 am and were first in line when the doors opened.  I went back to the bird rookery to try and get a few flight shots while Chris was totally enthralled by the huge alligators.  We met up for a few shows at the alligator pit.  One of the largest male alligators got a little miffed at one of the smaller female alligators while the attendant was wrapping up her first show for the audience and actually grabbed the female alligator in his jaws around her abdomen.  The female alligator got a little roughed up but should be okay.  It was pretty amazing to see two alligators doing a little more than wrestling.

Albino Alligator EyeTake about a strange day at the Alligator Farm.  Chris took me over to see the pool with Maximo, the largest saltwater crocodile at the park.  This guy measured over 15 feet long and weighs in at 1250 lbs!  His girlfriend, Sydney, was much smaller than he was but that didn’t stop him from getting frisky with her in the viewing tank.  Lets just say that we now know how crocodiles do the herky jerky.  Sorry, no photos…..just the memories.
There is lots of wildlife to see at the Alligator Farm.  I managed to get quite a few more flight shots in the rookery.  We grabbed a bit of lunch at the farm and then headed back to Stagecoach RV to spend the afternoon with Teddy.  Oh yeah, the crocodiles weren’t the only ones doing the hokey pokey.  The cattle egrets were quite amorous as well.  Must be love in the air.  Wonder what they feed the animals?
Great Egret In Flight
Cattle Egrets MatingCattle Egrets Mating