Bay 31

We got the call late afternoon on Monday to be in front of Bay 31 for 7 am Tuesday morning to have our slide topper issue sorted out. It started raining around 4 am Tuesday morning and never stopped until almost midnight last night. It just poured hard for almost 24 hours! I love traveling in our motorhome but the one thing I’m never to be fussy about is packing up in the rain. Now admittedly, packing up to go into a service bay isn’t the same as packing up to hit the road, but it isn’t far off. The only thing we left on our site was our entry mat, water softener, and water hose. Everything else including the sewer hose had to be stowed away. It was the first time I’ve had to wear my rain jacket and Tilley hat in many months.

Chris drove Phaeton Place around to service bay 31 where our techs, Brannon and Rickey, were waiting for us. The only item we needed attending to was our dining room slide topper. Once the housing and roller were apart, Brannon determined that we likely needed a new roller. We later learned that the factory had no new rollers in stock, which I found very strange, and the next option presented was a completely new topper housing and roller assembly for almost $500. Pete, the foreman, came and reassessed the situation and suggested the aluminum support bracket positioned in the middle of the roller may in fact be the only problem and not the complete roller assembly. They rounded up a new support bracket in less than an hour and the slide is functioning better than it ever has. Since we bought our motorhome, that slide has always paused a few times when opening or closing it, unlike the other three slide, so I suspect the aluminum support bracket in that roller assembly has been bent from the very beginning.

While our techs waited for the new support bracket to arrive from the parts shop, I asked them if they could install a new motion detector door light for me. I already had the new light but just never got around to installing it. They had the install done in about fifteen minutes and the light works perfectly. The light has a flashing light to indicate he level of your battery charge on the motorhome. It changes to red if the charge drops low 11.5 volts. The included LED bulb can be angled up or down to illuminate the desired area properly and it is much brighter than the stock door light used to be.

So we were in and out of bay 31 before 10 am and back sitting on site 34 in the pouring rain for the rest of the day. Chris Berry popped by around 7 pm with the two drawers we wanted added in place of our built in laundry hamper in the bedroom. You can see the two drawers in the above photo. That space used to,be one huge laundry bin which we rarely filled over half full anyway, so the drawers much more sense to us and also give my Chris a couple more drawers for her “stuff”. As usual, Chris’s wood work was outstanding and the drawers look like they came right from the factory. By the way, for other Tiffin owners, Chris just opened his new shop in Red Bay. The shop is built on his property near Cedar Creek campground off Hwy 24 and will even have 50 amp hook ups for anyone needing to spend the night while he installs various modifications on your motorhome.


So we are leaving Red Bay this morning, heading for the Camping World store in Bowling Green, KY. Hoping to stop in and visit Mammoth Cave National Park while there. We got out of Red Bay for less than $300 this time, including our camping fees, so we really can’t complain.



  1. Erin April 19, 2012 at 2:37 pm #

    Nice to see a photo of the conversion we’re planning to do to the hamper as well. I figure the washer and dryer will serve that purpose well enough. Thanks for the info on Chris Berry; we’ve updated our records.

    • Mark April 19, 2012 at 8:32 pm #

      Chris Berry does awesome work and is just a great guy period. Completion of his shop was running about two weeks behind schedule so he’s trying to put the finishing touches on his shop during his busy season. Should be doable though.

  2. Gerri April 18, 2012 at 4:22 pm #

    Glad the only fix needed was the aluminum support bracket. You are so right, Tiffin takes care of their product…I have heard incredible positive stories about their committment to their product.

    • Mark April 18, 2012 at 6:54 pm #

      No complaints about Tiffin from either of us at all. They continue to treat us very well.

  3. Marsha April 18, 2012 at 11:03 am #

    We just had all the toppers done this spring. We actually went in for a different reason and they found the topper issue. Tiffin does a great job in maintaining the MHs.
    Glad you got out of there without braking the bank!

    • Mark April 18, 2012 at 9:54 pm #

      We’ve had our toppers changed twice in three years. Not real happy with the wear and tear factor on the toppers. Tiffin looks after us well but when an item fails after less than a year as our toppers did, it should be replaced free of charge without owners having to negotiate.