Brunswick, GA to Red Bay, AL

We had a marvelous time at the TRVN rally in Brunswick, GA. Met lots of great people. The activities, fellowship and evening meals were all excellent. Teddy thoroughly enjoyed his twice or three times daily romps in the doggie park with friends, Harley D, Bunny, Bailey, Jackson, Brandy, Dee Dee and so many others….and he played with them all. Harley D and Bunny were his favorite pals though.

Brannon, from Custom RV near Red Bay, AL was at the rally performing service and installations on Motorhomes and dropped by Phaeton Place on Friday morning to look at the topper and roller assembly on our dining room slide. We had a new topper installed at the factory in December and it seems to sporadically stick when retracting the dining room slide, making it very difficult to bring in the slide from time to time. Anyway, Brannon looked at it and it appears the roller has jumped out of its track because the topper was not installed correctly. In fact, one can see the wrinkles in the topper when looking up from below. The roller is partially bent now too so it will need to be replaced. Brannon’s recommendation was to get back to Red Bay and have it done at the factory, correctly this time. I called Don Boyd in the service center and he said they should be able to look after us under express service or the new on site service known as “A Service“. Apparently, they are doing small jobs at your site now instead of needlessly tying up a service bay. This new service makes a lot of sense and will hopefully move the repair process along in a more timely fashion.

Our ceiling fan in the bedroom also need replacing but Brannon didn’t have the right model to do the job for us in Brunswick so we’ll hopefully get that done in Red Bay too. We did have Brannon replace the HDMI 1×4 splitter though. This splitter sends the audio and video feed from our DVD player to our four TVs and we’ve been losing the video signal from time to time. My investigation led me to believe the splitter was at fault and sure enough a ten minute installation of a new splitter fixed the problem perfectly. Brannon also found the reason why we weren’t getting the DVD signal routed to our bedroom TV. Turned out the TV was never programmed properly at the factory. A couple of simple taps on the TV remote fixed that problem. Who knew!! We were incorrectly informed upon purchase of our motorhome that the bedroom TV was not connected to the front DVD player by design. Well we know that isn’t the case now!

The topper and roller problem forced us to reconsider our return route to Canada and instead of heading up to Charleston, SC for a few days and then to points north via I-77, we decided to pack up Phaeton Place one day early and headed off to Red Bay on Saturday morning. We left Brunswick, GA at 8:00 am EST and drove straight through to Red Bay, AL, a distance of 567.4 miles, arriving in Red Bay at 6:00 pm CST. We stopped in Phenix City, AL for lunch in the coach and then again at Flying J in Birmingham, AL for fuel. Essentially we followed GA 82, 520 west and 78 east into Red Bay. We were also fortunate enough to get a full hook up site in Allegro campground, site 34.

So we are all set up in Red Bay awaiting an on site tech or an express bay. The one wrinkle we have while here is that we absolutely need to be on the road out of Red Bay by Friday morning at the latest in order to comfortably get us back into Canada before our 6 month visitor stay in the USA expires. Hopefully Tiffin will be able to accommodate us as soon as possible.