Chillin’ At The Beach!

Crescent BeachCrescent Beach

When we arrived in St Augustine we weren’t sure if dogs were allowed on area beaches.  We left Teddy behind on our visit to Crescent Beach just in case dogs were not allowed on the beach.  Well it turns out that, unlike Florida State Park beaches, St Augustine area beaches accept dogs on leash.  Crescent Beach is about 10 miles south of St Augustine and on Friday we found a public access area close to the beach with a few empty parking spots.  I brought my camera along on our walk so I could give my new Singh Ray Variable Neutral Density Filter a go.  One of the main things an ND filter does is cut the amount of light entering the lens so it’s great for really bright scenes like a day on the beach.  Great for making clouds pop  too.  I liked the reflection of the clouds in this shot more than anything else and thought it turned out quite well in the end.  As you can tell, the beaches weren’t very busy at all.

Vilano Beach

We learned from a Quebec couple staying in the park that Vilano Beach was also open for dogs and was a little closer to our campground.  So today we packed up the Vue and took Teddy for a nice walk on the beach.  He loved it!  He was in the water as soon as we got on the beach and kept himself busy chasing birds as we walked back and forth for a bout a mile and a half or so.  We enjoyed a beautiful day in the sunshine and Chris managed to find a couple of nice shells along the way too.  I left my big camera at home today and went with our little waterproof Canon Powershot D-10.  A little easier to carry and I don’t have to worry about sand and wet dog either.

Chris & Teddy on Vilano Beach

We did a little black tank flush this morning before heading for the beach.  The water pressure in the park was good enough to do a flush fill several times in a fairly short period of time.  One of the presenters at the Tiffin Buddy Rally in Sarsota last month suggested we use TCP to clean the insides of both the grey and black tanks.  Apparently it is quite good at removing scum build up from the walls of both holding tanks.  I’ve heard it used in a dilated solution to wash gypsum board walls prior to painting in homes but never for cleaning holding tanks.  Any readers have experience with adding TCP to holding tanks?

Our trusty Garmin Nuvi 760 which we have been using faithfully in the motorhome and also in our Vue since Dec 2007 appears to have met it’s maker.  It just won’t stay on for very long any more even when plugged in and mounted in it’s cradle.  Reading through the Garmin forums has me thinking the 760 is toast.  I found a Garmin Desi 560LMT trucker/RV GPS on Amazon as a replacement and it will be waiting for us at Coastal RV Resort in Brunswick, GA on Tuesday.

Hmmm…….looks like a 2 man playoff at the Masters………….:)   Another tough Sunday afternoon in Florida here at Phaeton Place.


  1. Mark April 10, 2012 at 8:57 am #

    Spoonbills are our favorite bird as well with the bald eagle running a very close second. I’m finding patience is the key to getting consistently more “keepers”. I love the 300 mm lens but as light as it is, my arms certainly had a workout over the three days of shooting. Thanks for popping by.

  2. Jeannie April 10, 2012 at 8:17 am #

    Fantastic spoonbill photo, heck, all the rest of them are wonderful, too! The spoonbill is my absolute favorite bird. Wonderful shots and appreciate the little story about how you had to be patient to get them. I want a 300 mm lens….waaaannnnnhhhh!