Chris & Sarah’s Cross Canada Adventure

I ran Chris down to Hamilton International airport late this week to catch her flight to Calgary, Alberta. Chris met up with her daughter Sarah in Calgary and they have started their long drive to Nova Scotia with planned stops in Regina, Saskatchewan; Steinbach, Manitoba; Thunder Bay, Sault Ste Marie & North Bay, Ontario; Montreal, Quebec, Fredericton, New Brunswick and finally Greenwood, Nova Scotia. Total driving distance………5129 kms or 3187 miles!  They certainly won’t be dawdling on their way across this huge country of ours and yes, you read it correctly above… takes at least THREE very long days to drive across northern Ontario. There is some huge country up around the top of Lake Superior and Georgian Bay.

We drove Phaeton Place from Ottawa, Ontario to Alaska back in 2009 and if memory serves, the drive across to Alberta took us longer than it did to go from Alberta to Alaska. We started our first cross country adventure on June 13, 2009 and interested readers can see more information here.

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