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Red-Wing Blackbird

Red-Wing Blackbird

The sun is actually shining today and the north wind disappeared so we managed to have a pretty good day today.  Teddy was itching to get out for a nice walk and we obliged him with two or three good walks around the park as well as a car ride when we went down to Sobey’s for a few groceries this afternoon.  We met our next door neighbours in site 41 this morning.  Turns out they will also be spending the season at Green Acre Park and will be in the 50 amp site next to us once both sites are finished.  We are heading up to Kincardine tomorrow morning to help celebrate Elson’s birthday.  Chris & I are looking forward to our first visit back to Kincardine area since we went south last November.

Great Egret in FlightGreat Egret in Flight

As you can tell from today’s post, I am slowly working my way through more of my Florida bird photographs from this past winter.  The red-wing blackbird was taken at the conservation area next to The Great Outdoors RV & Golf Resort in Titusville, FL.  Chris & I went for a drive around the dykes of the conservation area one afternoon and saw quite a few birds flitting about the grassy areas bordering the ponds.  This red-wing blackbird sat up nicely for me as I tried out my new 300 mm lens.  I know red-wing blackbirds are found everywhere but this one was found in Florida so I’m happy to include it as a Florida bird.  Exposing for a black or white object is very difficult for most DSLR metering systems and my Canon 1D mk IV is no exception.  I had to dial in over 1 stop of exposure compensation just to make sure I got some detail in the blackbird’s dark feathers.

The great egret in flight was taken handheld at Venice rookery in Venice, FL as I walked on the far side of the main rookery pond.  This egret was flying back and forth from it’s nest in the mangrove to the shrubs on the far side of the pond in search of nesting material.  I was fortunate enough to manage to get this great egret full frame with it’s wings spread.  I really like the way the sun lights up the underside of the wings and shows the wings in great detail.  I’m not too crazy about the busy background but I suppose you can’t have everything.

Movie night at Phaeton Place tonight.  We are watching Sahara with Matthew McConaughey and Penelope Cruz.  Haven’t seen it in quite a few years and I really hope they get the sequel going one of these days.  It’s a great adventure, Indiana Jones style movie.

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  1. Mike & Gerri April 26, 2012 at 10:34 pm #

    Your pictures are fantastic!! Love the crisp colors in both and the wide expanse of the wings of the Egret….nice capture!!
    We have never seen Sahara. Sounds like a good choice for our next movie!! Enjoy!!