Our Blog Was Offline This Morning

Cave worker Diamond Caverns circa 1900We had planned on visiting Mammoth Cave National Park today but instead we all enjoyed a bit of a sleep in this morning and then thought we’d just take it easy all day.  We sorted through some more things for good will and then packed it all up and headed for Glasgow, KY, about 10 miles east of I-65 for little look around.  We found the good will shop and left our donation there.  We still have more stuff to go through but that will have to wait until we cross the border.  Glasgow was definitely a working class town.  An old abandoned factory greeted us at the outskirts of town.  No telling what type of factory it used to be but the building was quite large and looked to have been shut down for quite some time.  We took advantage of the town’s  brand new Super Walmart to stock up of a few groceries before we hit the road for points north tomorrow morning.

A Trip to the Mammoth Cave, KYI’m adding a few more photos taken at Diamond Caverns yesterday.  I think the first one may be of one of the slaves who used to work at the Caverns back in the 1800s.  The second is of a diary about Mammoth Cave.  Both these items were in a showcase inside the main building at Diamond Caverns.  We found the stories about the caverns in this area very interesting.  Apparently in the mid to late 1800s, quite a few caverns were discovered in this areas and “cave wars” were quite common where families who owned a cave would basically pillage and plunder other caves around them in an effort to pull limited tourism dollars to their own cave instead.  Intruders would come in with sledge hammers and smash stalagmites and stalactites in hand destroying anything attractive in other caves.  Kind of sad really as the cave formations truly are magnificent.

Diamond CavernsOne thing we did manage to sort out today was reactivating our Canadian cell phone with Telus.  I called Telus and spoke with their customer loyalty people about putting together a good voice, text and data package suitable for our needs.  It took a little doing but we both have plans that include 400 day time minutes, unlimited evenings, unlimited text messages anywhere, free caller ID and voice mail and 6 GB of data.  The plan isn’t offered on Telus’s website but customer loyalty put it together for us fairly quickly.  Should be plenty for our computer needs over the summer.

Lastly, my apologies to readers for our blog being offline this morning.  I thought something had gone wrong on my end after I created a new gallery on Smugmug for our Kentucky photos, but it appears Smugmug had some big problems overnight with a hardware issue, causing them to shut everything down while they problem solved the issue.  Judging from the comments on Smugmug forums, there are some pretty upset people out there as many were in exactly the same situation as Phaeton Place was……..sites were totally offline.  Anyway, whatever the issue was, it has been resolved….for now.  Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.