The Great Outdoors RV Nature & Golf Resort

Juvenile Cattle Egret

Juvenile Cattle Egret

We’ve needed air conditioning here in Titusville for the past 3-4 days.  Today’s temp topped out at 92F and the humidity went along with the high temps.  Teddy doesn’t handle high heat very well.  He enjoys his morning and evening walks when it is cooler here at The Great Outdoors but isn’t too fussy abut walking in the afternoon when it is hottest.  He starts out alright but is soon looking for any shade he can find.  Anything to stay out of the hot sun.  We can’t blame him really because we do the same thing.  We were commenting today during our afternoon walk about how hot it has been these past few days and neither of us can imagine living in Florida during the summer.  In fact for next winter, we’re thinking that April would be a great time to move north into the Carolinas before heading back to Ontario.  Temps would certainly be cooler farther north and it would also break up the long drive back.

American CootAmerican Coot

Our time here at The Great Outdoors is winding down.  It is a nice resort but we don’t think it is a place where we could spend the whole winter.  There are loads of RV lots, ports and houses for sale here and I expect many change hands every year.  In fact, we looked at buying a lot with a small finished portico on it that is just down the street from where we are staying.  Prices are still depressed in this part of Florida following the cancellation of the space shuttle program last year. Lots of Canadians have lots here but for us it just didn’t make sense buying without doing some serious research about tax consequences, etc.  They do have pickleball here now on two of the four tennis courts but scheduled play time is at 1:00 pm on only three days a week.  Neither of us understand the rationale behind that schedule.  Playing in the heat of the day makes no sense whatsoever. Neither the tennis courts or pickleball courts have been very busy since we’ve been here.  We checked out the big pool behind the manor clubhouse yesterday afternoon.  It is nice 25 meter pool but there doesn’t appear to be any dedicated lap swimming time built anywhere into the schedule.  Lots of water fitness and aquasize classes but no actual time for swimming.  There is a small fitness center with treadmills, weight machines, etc which is being dramatically enlarged this coming summer.  It should be done in time for next fall.  There is a nice golf course that stretches through the resort and winds among the houses.  We wanted to have a stroll around the course but access is restricted to golfers only.  We couldn’t even walk the cart paths with Teddy.  There is a restaurant, bank, post office, hair dresser and much more right in the park.  Renting a lot can be done either through TGO Realty who manage the resort or lots can also be rented privately from owners.  From what we see there is a significant savings to be had by renting from private lot owners than from the park itself.  Monthly rental rates from  private lot owners between December and April seem to run in the area of $700-$850/month depending on how many months you want to stay and what amenities are included with the lot.



Tomorrow is our last day in Titusville and we are thinking of heading for the space center in the morning.  We haven’t been there in quite a few years.  Then Thursday we are off to St Augustine for the Easter weekend.


  1. The BooneDocks April 4, 2012 at 10:24 am #

    Just caught up to your blog and that we have been covering some of the same territory. We were fascinated to watch owls and owlets.

    • Mark April 5, 2012 at 6:28 am #

      We love this area and hope to return again next year. Heading for St Augustine today.