The Owls Are Back

Great Horned Owl

After a long day at Viera Wetlands on Saturday, it felt good to spend a quiet day at home and relax a little in the air conditioned comfort of our motorhome as outside temps soared into the upper 80sF.  It gave me a chance to review all my photos.  There were a lot of good ones but also a lot of images that found their way to the trash can on my Mac Book Pro.  Ah, the advantage of digital photgraphy and 16 GB memory cards.  Fill ’em up, download ’em, save ’em or dump ’em…….repeat until finished……..pretty simple really.  I never used to delete anything, opting instead to just buy external hard drives from time to time whenever I was running low on storage space.  Of course that nasty habit changed last fall when one of my portable external Seagate drives died.  I lost about 8 months worth of photos but thankfully most, but not all of the better photos, are safely stored on Smugmug.  Now I back up all my keepers to a non public Smugmug account and to my Dropbox account as well……just in case.  We also have a Synology RAID system in Phaeton Place that enables me to backup everything once a week.

Great Horned OwletOne of Two Owlets

Last night after supper, I hustled down the street with my camera gear loaded in the back of our Vue to see if the owls were still hanging around.  The owls roost in a tall pine tree at the end Oak Cove road.  I used my 500 mm with 2x tele extender on a tripod to grab a load of pictures of the two young owlets and also of one of the parents.  Not sure where the other adult great horned owl is these days, but nobody has seen it, just the one adult is all.  The RV owners/renters down the street are really great to deal with and nobody had any issues with myself or other photographers setting up tripods, cameras and long lenses on their lawns and driveways for a couple of hours.  It was tough getting a good angle on the owls because of branches and shadows at times, but we persevered and waited patiently for a good opportunity.  I shot until the light was so poor that I had to shoot at 2000 ISO and 1/25 sec shutter speed.  It was definitely time to pack up and head home.  I’ll let readers decide if our wait was worth the effort.  I definitely think our wait paid off big time.