Wintery Weather in Late April

Yesterday was our first full day in Green Acre Park.  As mentioned in our last post, our annual site is not quite ready for us just yet, so ourselves and another motorhome are presently sitting in two of the 50 amp pull through sites opposite the main office.  Lets just say we are glad we have 50 amp service.  A cold weather front is presently working it’s way through southern and eastern Ontario and should hopefully be out of here by mid week.  Day time temps are barely reaching 40 F with night time temps falling close to freezing.  We’ve seen a little snow, a little rain and quite a bit of wind both yesterday and today.  Thankfully, our roof top heat pumps are still capable of pumping hot air during the day but at night we rely on a space heater and our propane furnace to keep the chill away. I grabbed the above shot on our way back into Phaeton Place after taking Teddy for his walk this morning.  Those white spots are snow flakes.

Poor Teddy.  He loved seeing his first snow flakes this morning and spent some time chasing flakes as they hit the ground but it wasn’t long before he decided he sooner enjoyed being sacked out inside a warm Phaeton Place than playing outside in that cold weather.  He hasn’t moved out of the passenger seat for the last three hours except to bark at a couple of other dogs who were outside braving the elements.  He’ll have to go out soon though.  We drove into St Jacobs yesterday afternoon to take him for a walk along the river but the wind was pretty fierce so we shut it down after only 30 minutes.  Chris did manage to find a natural dog food place in St Jacobs though so we stopped in there to pick up a few bits for Teddy.  We found chicken feet for him for the first time since leaving Alberta with him last summer.  Creature Comfort Pet Emporium has everything a pet could ever need.  We’ll definitely be going back there often.

Chris has been busy working on her nutrition course most of today while I’ve been catching up on some online photoshop classes.  I think I may have dozed off for a bit in my chair while watching though.  It’s a tough life!   I’m also reformatting the hard drive on Chris’s older Windows Vista laptop before it finds another home in New Brunswick later this month.  Not much else going on today but there is sun in the forecast for tomorrow…..won’t be real warm….but at least some sunshine is better than what we’ve had since arriving.  We are both thankful that our drive in here on Sunday was under sunny skies.  Wouldn’t be fun driving the motorhome with this wind.

For now, we are all warm and dry inside Phaeton Place listening to more rain/snow falling on our roof.  And people wonder why we prefer spending our winters down south!


  1. Mark April 24, 2012 at 4:23 pm #

    The sun’s out! Time to take Teddy for a walk. :)

  2. Marsha April 24, 2012 at 3:55 pm #

    Stay warm…spring is just around the corner…or is that summer is right around the corner?