Avengers 3D

Teddy & I had a fairly busy day, all things considered. I had him at Petsmart for grooming at 8:00 am. This was his first visit to a groomer and he did very well. Chris & I have been grooming Teddy ourselves and doing pretty well at it too, but its really a two person job for us as Teddy can be pretty agile at times. I explained what we wanted to Cindy, his groomer, and headed back to Phaeton Place, waiting for the call to pick him up before 11 am.

I was a little surprised when Cindy called before 9:00 am. She was very apologetic because she nicked one of his ears. Cindy explained that Teddy had moved suddenly and she nicked the edge of one ear with the clippers. He was fine but she wanted me to know and said Petsmart would look after any vet bills if we wanted to take him. I suggested if he was alright that Cindy keep going and to call me when Teddy was done. She called about 10:30 am and I drove back over to get him. Teddy is fine. The nick is very small and hardly noticeable at all. It doesn’t bother him at all. She apologized again, gave me the grooming for nothing and reminded me to take Teddy to the vet at their expense if need be. What great customer service! A couple of regular dabs of Polysporin ointment and Teddy will be as good as new.

We enjoyed a nice walk after lunch and Teddy & I went for a stroll around the park to show off his new do. His doggie friends thought he looked great. Mom did too! I texted Chris a pic just to show Teddy was none the worse for wear.

Chris Hemsworth at event of The Avengers

My afternoon was spent at Empire Theatres in Waterloo watching the new Avengers movie in 3D. Great movie with beaucoup special effects. Took me right back to my Marvel comic days as a child. The usual good versus evil story when Thor (God of Thunder)’s half brother Loki decides to become a pest and try to rule Earth. The Avengers are born and the likes of Ironman, Hawk, Capt America, Hulk under Nick Fury’s guidance arrive to save the day. The flying aircraft carrier was very well done. You just know there is at least one or two sequels in the works too.

The way I got into the movie is interesting and a first for me. I paid for my ticket online with a credit card using Empire Theatre’s mobile site. This gave me the choice of printing my ticket or having it sent to me electronically on my cell phone. I opted for the latter choice. Once I arrived at the movie theatre, I showed my cell phone confirmation to the clerk and she scanned the qr code right from my iPhone screen to confirm I had a paid ticket for the 1:20 pm showing. Great movie and I think there just might be another viewing once Chris gets back from Nova Scotia.


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  1. Marsha May 4, 2012 at 9:09 pm #

    What a great professional Cindy is. Also so nice to know that PetSmart cares so very much for their clients.