Happy Birthday, Teddy!

One year ago today our furry little monster was born in Beaumont, Alberta. Chris & I were visiting my mother in Yorkshire at the time but we managed to keep in touch with our breeder back in Alberta for regular updates on Teddy’s progress. Upon returning to Canada, we spent six weeks in Leduc, Alberta visiting Matt & Sarah last summer and during our stay we visited Teddy regularly to check on his progress.

Teddy was nine weeks old when we finally got to take him home with us last July. Since then he’s travelled across Canada to Kincardine, Ontario in Phaeton Place, on to Nova Scotia with me in the Vue, back to Ontario with Chris & I in the Vue in September last year, south to Florida with us in Phaeton Place last November and back to Ontario last month. He is certainly a much travelled young pup but he loves traveling and his favorite perch in the motorhome is right up on the dash as we motor along.

To celebrate his birthday, we took Teddy out for a nice stroll along the river trail in St Jacobs this morning and also paid a visit to Creature Comfort Pet Emporium for some more natural pet food and a new stuffed toy squirrel birthday present. Teddy’s had a tough day and is laying in the sunshine snoozing on the dash. He’s a great little guy and brings us joy very single day. Happy birthday Teddy!