Killdeer OilWith the recent release of Adobe Photoshop CS6, I’ve gone back to some of my photos from earlier this spring and played with them a bit inside of PS CS6.  Here’s another one of a killdeer I took in Red Bay, Alabama while Phaeton Place was in the shop in early April.  I’ve used the oil painting filter but dialed it down a bit so the effect is not quite so harsh as in my last post.  Even with the oil painting effect applied there is still plenty of detail in the feathers.

St Jacobs Retirement Home

Teddy and I went for a walk along the river in St Jacobs the other day.  I’ve resigned myself to the fact that photography with my full size cameras is almost impossible while walking Teddy.  It’s just too difficult to control Teddy while at the same time trying to wield a full size camera with larger lens.  He’s getting much better on the leash but it isn’t fair to him when I interrupt his walk to stop and take a photograph or two.  My iPhone gives me pretty good results though and it’s much easier to carry it in a pocket than a big camera slung around my neck or over a shoulder.

Old Shop

Teddy & I locked up Phaeton Place and headed up to Kincardine and Hanover on Thursday for a couple of nights to see family.  All I really had to do was shut the water off at the tap, switch off the hot water heater, throw a few things in the Vue and we were on our way.  We had a nice lunch with Elson & Isabel in Kincardine and then Elson & I went for a little tour in the Vue north and east of Kincardine just to see some of the rural scenery.  Port Elgin and Southhampton were still quiet as the summer tourism season is not quite here yet.  The drive along Lake Huron in Port Elgin is fabulous.  Chris & I looked around there last fall for a spot to put Phaeton Place this summer but couldn’t find any campgrounds that could accommodate our size.  Sure is a pretty area of Ontario though.

Wind Turbine

We stayed with Karen & John in Hanover for a couple of nights and headed back to Green Acre Park this morning.  Teddy & I took the scenic tour back to Waterloo and popped into Luther Marsh Conservation Area near Grand Valley.  It’s my first time there and I can tell this area will be great for wildlife.  We saw a few songbirds in the trees as well as some Canada Geese with young ones on the lake but they quickly scurried off when I got too close with Teddy.  I did manage to grab a couple of shots from the side of the road though.  The old shop is on one of the side streets in Mount Forest and the cartoonized (courtesy of the Topaz Clean plugin) wind turbine above is near Grand Valley.

Chris & Sarah are on their way back to Ontario from Nova Scotia in the morning.  They’ve had a good visit with Chris’s parents as well as her brother and sister who also popped by the house.  They are hoping to make it into Quebec tomorrow and roll into Kingston, Ontario by mid afternoon on Monday.  ViaRail is the chosen method of transportation from Kingston to Kitchener on Tuesday afternoon.  Chris is tired but the road trip went well and was absolutely necessary.  She’ll have plenty of time to rest up before we head back to the UK in June.