Lightroom 4 and Facebook Fan Pages

Cattle EgretCattle Egret (Breeding Colors)

Adobe’s Lightroom 4 is great for importing, organizing & processing digital photographs and works with just about all major brand DSLR cameras.  The built in plugins are an extra bonus and make it relatively easy to upload photos directly from Lightroom to photo sharing sites such as Facebook, Smugmug, Flickr, 500px, Google +(via Picasa) and others.  I use pretty well all of these photo sharing sites but the one that has always caused me problems is Facebook.  You see until recently Facebook would allow photos to be uploaded only to your main Facebook page.  No uploading to fan pages allowed.  Not sure of the reasoning behind that decision but in my case it meant uploading my photographs to my personal facebook page albums instead of directly to Mark & Chris’s Phaeton Place Facebook fan page.   There just had to be a better way. Time for a little internet research.

Jeffrey Friedl has been making Lightroom plugins for many years and has had a Facebook plugin available for quite some time.  I’ve learned that the most recent update of this plugin now includes the ability to upload photos directly to Facebook albums AND fan pages.  The plugin is far more customizable than the Facebook plugin included with Lightroom 4 and is also backwards compatible with Lightroom 2 & 3 as well.  A nice added touch is the built in Twitter update within the Facebook plugin.  As soon as a photo is uploaded to your Facebook account or fan page a tweet goes out, if you want.  That’s pretty cool!  Jeffrey’s Facebook plugin is donationware which means it is free, fully functional software but without a small donation the plugin will function only in a limited capacity after six weeks.  Without a donation users will only be able to upload ten photos at a time to Facebook.  His other plugins function in a similar manner.  I’m trying it out for a few weeks before sending in a donation via PayPal.

You can see my recently uploaded bird photos on our Facebook Fan Page by clicking here.  Readers may also follow along with our RV travels by “liking” our Fan Page over in the side bar.  Makes it easier to see updates right in Facebook.

Teddy and I are enjoying a sunny but cool weekend here at Green Acre Park in Waterloo.  Still warm enough for shorts and sandals though. :)  The park is greening up nicely and they even have the tractor rides around the campground going this weekend.  Lindsay & Casey are coming up for supper tonight.  Chris is doing well in Greenwood but it’s no fun dealing with aging parents.  Hard to see her mom getting progressively worse. :(

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  1. Merikay May 10, 2012 at 10:10 pm #

    Thanks for coming aboard as a follower on my blog. I have done the same and am excited to see such wonderful images.