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Green Acre ParkGreen Acre Park

The ladies are doing fine and putting in some mega mile driving days.  They over nighted in Marathon, Ontario last night and even managed to find a hotel with internet to stay in touch… cell phone service but at least we could message back and forth on the internet using iMessage for a bit late last night.  They were up bright and early this morning heading for Ottawa!  I figured maybe North Bay at the most would be far enough but these two are on a mission and just let me know that Ottawa is their target for tonight.  Looks like they’ll still have two more long driving days to Nova Scotia ahead of them though.

Female MallardFemale Mallard

Teddy & I kept looking skyward for a hint of sunshine today but skies have remained cloudy all day.  It is warming up though and sunshine is supposed to be on the menu for tomorrow with temps actually getting back into the mid 70sF  by mid week.  I packed up my camera in the Vue and went out for a little birding in the park this morning.  I can hear lots of songbirds in the trees but with the overcast weather the birds aren’t prone to sit still on a perch for long.  Robins, cardinals, finches, warblers and others but damn it if I can get close enough for any good shots.  The park’s main pond is seeing a little geese and duck activity but they are pretty skittish when I have Teddy in tow and flight shots against a drab grey sky just don’t cut after being in sunny Florida all winter.  I tried grabbing a nice reflection of the bridge in the park’s pond but the wind didn’t cooperate as well as it might have.  Reflections and wind just don’t go together in photography unfortunately.  It’s still a nice tranquil scene though.  I did manage to spot this female mallard and her partner snoozing at the edge of the pond near the bridge.  When in doubt and pickings are slim…..shoot the ducks!   Photographically speaking……of course!

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    What a great looking site ~ I know you’re happy with it!!!
    Have fun & Travel safe