Ottawa Airport

It’s been a busy few days in Ottawa squeezing in all our medical and dental appointments.  Chris also managed to get in to see Paulo, her hair stylist at Chatters.  One of the biggest inconveniences for us about RV travel is finding a good barber and hair stylist while we are on the road.  It’s not easy without being from the area and as helpful as most RVers are……sometimes their recommendations just don’t work out.  Of course a hair cut for me isn’t really big deal anymore but finding a barber who can give a good cut for less than $20 can be difficult.  But our time in Ottawa is right before we head off to England, so it made sense for Chris to visit her old hair stylist and he did a great job with her hair.  No pictures unfortunately though.

We had a few hours to kill before Chris’s hair appointment so we took a run out to Ottawa airport to see what airplanes were flying in and out.  Ottawa isn’t a real busy airport compared to places like Toronto or Montreal but airplanes seemed to be coming in for an east west landing every 5-10 minutes, so it kept me pretty busy.  I shot all these photos with my 70-200 lens with 1.4x tele extender attached.  I tried to keep my shutter speed fairly low and pan with the airplane as it passed in front of me but I can see my panning skills need some work.  These shots aren’t as sharp as I would like.  I tried shutter instead of aperture priority too and kept my shutter speed fairly low.

The top shot is one of our military’s passenger jets.  I’m betting it’s one of the prime minister’s planes as it flew by very slowly and on a different heading than all the other air traffic.  In fact, it never even landed, just kind of buzzed the field and continued on it’s way.  Training flight perhaps.