Sarah Visits

Teddy Posing (Sarah’s Photo)

Sarah surprised us with a visit for the last few days.  Actually, she hopped on the train in Kingston last Tuesday to spend some time with us while hubby, Matt, was busy with his training at CFB Kingston.  We had a busy week with stops at various shopping centers and stores in the Kitchener/Waterloo area.  We spent this morning at the farmers market in St Jacobs.  Lots of great “stuff” on offer at the market and boy was it ever busy!  The fresh produce was excellent, most of it being sold by Mennonite families from the surrounding area.  We bought quite a few fresh strawberries, blueberries, apples, etc.  Chris also managed to find some quality grade maple syrup which we can’t readily find in area supermarkets.  She uses maple syrup instead of sugar for cooking and baking.  Prices were very good and much better than the prices in local supermarkets like Sobey’s, Zehrs and Walmart Super Center.

Fresh PeppersThe butcher counters at the farmers market were also top notch.  We picked up some German fare for supper, sauerkraut and smoked pork chops!  Awesome!  Farmers Market runs Thursdays and Saturdays until Jun 16th when Tuesdays will also be added to the schedule.  It’s only about ten minutes from here in the Vue and close enough we could even just cycle over with our little trailer.  Maybe Saturday if we need anything.  The parking lot was jammed with cars and buses this morning and I expect it will get even busier during the summer months.  I got tired of rubbing shoulders with all those people and found a nice picnic table in the shade while the girls went looking for bargains.  I did manage to get a few photographs though.  Need to remember to bring my flash for inside next time.

Sarah heads back to Kingston on the train in the morning and Lindsay & Casey are coming up for dinner on Saturday.  We are both looking forward to meeting Shannon for the first time.  Next week we are off to Ottawa for a few days to have medical and dental matters looked after.  Won’t be long before we are sitting on the plane to Birmingham, UK.  So looking forward to spending time with our friends Jim & Jane.