She’s Baa…..ack!

I had a busy day today.  I’ve procrastinated washing Phaeton Place for the last week or so but can’t put it off any longer.  Green Ace Park only allows washing of RVs until May 17th each year.  I was going to leave the wash job until Chris got home but the forecast for tomorrow is cold & rain and there just isn’t any more time.  Serves me right for leaving it until the last minute I suppose.  Anyway, I broke out the power sprayer as well as the soft brush.  My main concern was doing the roof by myself and minimizing the number of times I would have to go up and down the ladder to the roof carrying the power sprayer hose and wand.  I managed to get the hose and wand up the ladder and tied to the top of the ladder before going back down to turn on the power and water.  Once up on the roof, it was a pretty simple task to hose off the back half of the roof before moving the power sprayer forward so I could get at the front half of the roof.  The sprayer really did a great job removing the muck from the slide toppers.  With the roof done, I broke the rest of Phaeton Place’s wash into sections, soaking down a section with the sprayer before using hot water and soap with the soft brush, followed by another rinse with the sprayer.  I was surprised the entire job only took a little over two hours and left very few water spots.  I felt so good after the wash job I even tackled vacuuming, dusting and polishing the inside of Phaeton Place!

Chris spent the last two nights with Sarah in Kingston visiting Matt.  She caught the afternoon ViaRail train into Toronto and then on to Kitchener. Her train pulled in at 7:15 pm and I was on the platform to greet her.  I even managed to grab the above video with my iPhone.  Chris was tired from over two weeks of almost constant traveling but jumped at my suggestion for supper at Swiss Chalet.  She loved the train ride from Toronto to Kitchener so mush that we are thinking of taking the train in to Toronto for a day this summer.  Makes more sense than fighting traffic.