Early Bird Catches The……Best Light


I packed my camera gear and tripod into our rental car the other morning around 5:00 am and headed to the country car park in Filey while my mother and Chris slept. I tried to be as quiet as possible but you know how it is. After parking my car, I headed out to the end of Filey Brigg on foot to try a few photos of the Brigg in early morning sunshine. The sun was already well up and I was a little disappointed at the limited wave action on the rocks below but I still managed a few nice shots using my tripod and neutral density filter. I haven’t used an ND filter before and picked up a Singh Ray Vari N Duo while in Florida last winter but have frankly been too busy to give it a go. I got my chance to play with it while the wind howled a bit. I was thankful to have my tripod to steady my camera and it did a pretty good job even in the wind. I took the above photo with my 70-200 at about 15 seconds of exposure. There is actually a ship on the horizon just at the left edge of the sun’s reflection.

This next shot looks down on the rocks from the top of Filey Brigg. The ND filter with a 20 second exposure did a good job of blurring the wave action below. Bigger waves would have been preferred but I guess you have to take what you get. As you can tell, the tide is almost out as far as it goes. Usually the rocks below the cliff are completely underwater at high tide.


The above shot of Filey Beach is perhaps my favorite of the morning. Taken from the bottom of the main landing leading to the beach. I crouched as low as possible on the cobble stone landing in order to include the old footings in the foreground as the sea wall falls away in the background. I added an oil painting filter which I think sets off the buildings on top of the sea wall as well as the cliffs in the distance.

I stayed up on the top of Filey Brigg for about 90 minutes before driving back into town and walking about with my 70-200 lens attached to my camera. St Oswald’s church is the main subject of the last photograph. Also known as the Fisherman’s Church, it was built between 1080 and 1230. How’s that for old! Church Cliff farm borders the north side of St Oswald’s and that morning a few of the Scottish cattle were grazing under the trees. I was hoping the cattle might saunter out of the shadows a bit further but the one closest in the frame seemed more intent on scratching up against the tree branch than having his picture taken.

Anyway, a great morning with my camera. Today not so sunny though as its been raining off and on most of the day. The three of us did manage a shopping day in Scarborough though. Well….two of us shopped……I just drove the car and enjoyed my cuppa at Thornton’s near Brunswick Centre.