Filey Brigg Seascapes


Chris & I hiked out to the end of Filey Brigg this afternoon so I could shoot some wave action with my camera. I packed my tripod and a couple of lenses into her backpack and we set off along the beach after lunch. Don’t worry…..her backpack….but I carried it. While I was busy with my camera, Chris found herself a nice bench to sit on at the base of Filey Brigg where she could read her kindle in the sunshine.

The sun was shining when we started off from Filey but things clouded over within an hour. It was still a great day to be outside though and we actually managed to wear shorts and sandals for the first time this visit. I was going for blurred water images today as the waves crashed on the rocks. I used my 17-40 wide angle lens to start and then switched to my 70-200 telephoto, both lenses used a variable neutral density filter. I shot all images at ISO 50 in manual mode with exposures ranging from 3 – 30 seconds at f22-32 depending on the lens.

I don’t do a lot of this type of photography but I’m happy with these attempts. I learned that waves don’t always cooperate with eager photographers and that my Singh Ray Vari-ND filter seems to work better with the sun either behind me or slightly to either side. Any hint of sun in the viewfinder seemed to produce this weird dark, light lattice effect on some images.

We spent a couple of hours on the Brigg before getting a bit chilled. Time for the long walk on the beach back to town where we enjoyed a cup of tea and scone on the coble landing before heading back to the house. Lots of fun today! Hope you enjoy these photos.