Filey to Scarborough

Base of Filey Brigg

One of our most favorite activities to do during our visits to Yorkshire is to hike along the cliff tops, following the Cleveland Way from Filey to Scarborough. By road, the distance from Filey to Scarborough is only about 6 miles. The cliff top route is a bit longer at almost 9 miles. The walk is a combination of dirt trails and pathways which at times are only 10 feet or less for the edge of cliffs rising in places to 250 ft above the North Sea coastline.


We left my mother’s home just after 10 am this morning wearing shorts, t shirtS and hiking boots. I carried a back pack holding water bottles and a bit of lunch which we always eat at “our spot” along the way. We had a beautiful sunny day with a very slight breeze as we set off for Filey Brigg and points north. Sweaters were carried but Chris soon had hers tied about her waist while mine stayed in our back pack.

This portion of Cleveland Way offers simply stupendous views of Yorkshire’s coastline along the North Sea. Every year parts of the cliffs are eroded away by weather and wave action. Evidence of slides was clearly visible in several places along our route. Lunch was taken on an abandoned WWII cement bunker overlooking the cliffs and beach of Cayton Bay. Notice the wind’s effect on the bush in the above photo. You can imagine how strong it blows at times…….but certainly not today.

While enjoying our lunch, we got to see three hawks soaring along the cliffs. One of them landed about 6 feet away from me on the edge of the cliff. I managed a blurry photo with my point and shoot camera. Unfortunately no big lens or DSLR with me but I may try to go back and get better photos of the hawks if weather permits in the coming days.

You can just barely see Chris in the extreme upper left corner of the above photo as we neared Scarborough. She’d already hiked up some fairly steep steps to the top of the hill while I focused on a few more photographs.

One of the last down hill sections from Old Filey Rd down to Scarborough’s seafront. Last year, Chris took a photo of me and my two children on this road. This year she signals thumbs up after another successful day of hiking along Yorkshire’s scenic coastline.

Our feet were aching by the time we reached Scarborough beach. The Grand Hotel overlooks the beach and with the tide still out, I just had to get a photo from as far out on the beach as possible. Once in Scarborough we climbed our last set of steps from the beach area to the main pedestrian shopping mall on Huntriss Row. We grabbed a snack before heading on to the Train Station and catching the Filey train at 4:23 pm.

A wonderful day and we look forward to doing this hike again…….perhaps once more before we leave if the weather cooperates. Cheers.