We packed up the VW Golf rental car Friday morning and said our goodbyes to Jim & Jane. We’ll are looking forward to seeing them both again in Solihull before we fly out of Birmingham airport next month. Our week long stay in a shared self catering flat in Castleford was wonderful. Great football matches most evenings on TV and endless laughs in the car and at the kitchen table.

The weather was terrible as we pulled out of Castleton for Whitby. At times it was so foggy we could hardly see 100 ft in front of us but we braved the rain and fog into Whitby and dropped off Jane’s loaner crutches at Whitby hospital before pushing further south to Filey. Strangely, the weather improved immensely as we neared Filey….something my father always told me. It could be miserable elsewhere in Yorkshire but the sun usually shines in Filey. Don’t think that is totally accurate though as we have seen rain, sun, hail, thunder, lightning and more since we arrived.

We are all settled in at my mother’s home for two weeks. She’s expecting some shrubs to be delivered on Monday, so looks like we’ll be busy planting them while here. The old hedge was about thirty years old and needed to be ripped out unfortunately as it had suffered insect damage in recent years.

A little shopping trip to Morrison’s Superstore yesterday afternoon to stock up on groceries. The Memory Foam topper we purchased at Dunelms in Scarborough last week fits wonderfully on our bed and we both slept very well last night. Today, we walked about Filey and along the beach. Quite a few people in town for the weekend it seems and the Olympic torch passes through Filey on Monday afternoon, so Filey will definitely be busy for the next few days.

Rain threatened on and off all day today but it never really amounted to much at all. Filey Brigg looks fabulous under really dark skies. We parked the car on the cliffs past the caravan park near Filey Brigg for about an hour yesterday afternoon and watched a storm roll in. It bucketed down with rain for a few minutes before turning to hail but then the sun came out. Only in Filey.

Our O2 Pay As You Go Sim cards work well in most parts of Filey. We have a solid four bar phone signal on both our iPhones with 3G data service on those an my iPad 2 as well. No tethering option unfortunately though, but we are making do.