A lovely day for a drive to Flamborough and Filey on the east coast of Yorkshire. Flamborough Head is a 10 mile spit of land south of Filey that sticks out into the North Sea. John Paul Jones lost his ship off the tip of this spit during the American War of Independence. The lighthouse pictured above looks over the water where Jones’s ship was sunk. Flamborough cliffs and the nearby cliffs in the village of Bempton are also home to thousands of nesting sea birds. Gannets, puffins, guillemots, etc nest in the cliff faces along the North Sea and I’m hoping to spend some time there with my camera during our stay in Filey.

We popped into see my mother in Filey for a couple of hours before heading back to Castleton for the night. Jim & Jane enjoyed a cup of coffee and biscuits while listening to my mother recount embarrassing stories from my childhood. Our plan is to take a run into York tomorrow where we will also rent a car for the remainder of our stay in England. The car will be returned to Birmingham airport instead of York train station. We have two more nights in Castleton and will head for Filey on Friday for the rest of our trip. Riveaux Abbey is pictured above. Shot from about 600 yds away and cropped to about 50%.


The second last photo is a 9 shot HDR panorama of a swathe of the Yorkshire Moors near Castleton. Clicking on the photo should open in it in a larger format. The last photo looks north at the wonderful white cliffs from the base of Flamborough lighthouse.