Heading for Hanover and Waterloo

I popped into the new Sail outdoor store at The Trainyards while Chris was in getting her hair done.  Until recently, Ottawa has relied on stores such as Mountain Equipment Co-op, Bushtukah, Trail Head and others for hiking, cycling, running, camping, etc.  A few years ago the old trainyards in east Ottawa was developed for commercial retail and Sail is one of the newest retailers to set up shop in this area.  The store is huge by any standards and boasts a large inventory of kayaks, canoes and camping equipment, along with sports clothing and footwear as well on the main floor.  The second floor carries an extensive array of hunting and fishing equipment.  I’ve never seen one of these stores before but apparently they originate in Quebec.  Looks very much like the Gander stores seen south of the border.

Aviation Museum

We checked out of our hotel this morning and I had Chris at the Montford hospital in plenty of time for her 9:30 appointment.  I won’t bore you with details of the procedure but it involved an HD camera and sedative.  I went for a walk along the Ottawa river while she was busy.  We were on our way west on the QEW before noon and thankful to have all our appointments done for another six months.  We’ll be back before heading south in November.  After a quick stop in Kanata to pick up some UK maps for our Garmin GPS, we were on our way to Hanover.  The sun shone the entire way as we headed up through Renfrew, Bancroft, Orillia, Stayner and finally Hanover to spend the night with Karen & John.  We enjoyed a nice evening walk once we got there and were thankful to be able to stretch our legs after a long 7 hour drive from Ottawa.

We had a nice visit with Karen & John but passed on a trip over to Kincardine this time around unfortunately.  After a great lunch, we loaded up the Vue once again for the drive back to Green Acre Park in Waterloo.  Boy, what a difference in the weather in just 24 hours.  It poured all the way to Waterloo.  It’s not very often we have to drive with the wipers on anything more than intermittent but yesterday we were doing double nickel at times it was coming down so hard.  Thankfully this was just a short drive.  We noticed quite a bit of water sitting around in the campground but our site is high and dry.  I grabbed the above shot of the fishing pond this morning while taking Teddy for his morning walk.  Last night, the park bench to the the left of the pond was completely surrounded by water, so the water levels are definitely receding.  Matt & Sarah rolled in with Teddy before 8 PM and it wasn’t long before we were all cozy and in out of the rain.  So a slight change of plans before we head off to England next week.  Sarah will stay with Teddy in Phaeton Place while we are away instead of hanging out in Kingston and Picton.