More Yorkshire Towns

We decided to take a drive into Scarborough this morning. Chris and I are very familiar with this city as it lies only six miles north of Filey by road. We’ve enjoyed wonderful hikes along the cliff tops from the quaint seaside village of Filey to Scarborough on past visits to this area. No hiking today though as we had a bit of shopping to do. It was another grey day today so strolling around a few shops seemed a good way to spend the day.

Our first planned stop was at Dunelms on Seamer Rd in Scarborough where we picked up a memory foam topper for the double sized hide a bed we’ll be sleeping on at my Mother’s in Filey. It is quite thick so hopefully it will add some life and comfort to the thin mattress of the hide a bed. After that we parked at Brunswick Centre, Scarborough’s main shopping mall downtown, before exploring the shops along the pedestrian mall of Huntress Row. We found a few bargains and had a bit of lunch at the fish & chip shop on Bramley Cliff. None of us found the meal remarkable despite the comments we had read online.

I did manage to stop in at the O2 store in Brunswick Centre where I tried to sort out my SIM card problems. Our iPhones are working well enough “when” we have service but I’m definitely not impressed with my iPad’s SIM card. The O2 stores we previously visited in Evesham and Solihull promised me tethering to my laptop was indeed possible from the iPad on a Pay As You Go SIM card. O2’s tech support has since advised this is NOT the case and that I was misinformed by their sales staff. A refund was in order and could be done at any O2 store. The O2 store in Scarborough refused to do the refund, advising me to return to the Solihull store instead which is probably easier anyway. The staff was very pleasant and even provided me with the phone number and manager’s name and email at the Solihull store. We’ll make do with what we’ve got for the time being though. Despite O2’s claims of the best mobile coverage in the UK, phone service across the moors and along coastal North Yorkshire has been very poor with only one or two bars of signal strength, if any at all. Data coverage is even worse with very little 3G coverage except in parts of Whitby and Scarborough, otherwise it is 2G (EVDO) speeds at best which is often too slow to even retrieve emails. O2’s coverage map leaves a lot to be desired….hmmmm… do the maps of the North American cell phone providers……go figure!

Our afternoon destination was the small village of Thornton-le-Dale on the way to Pickering. This village has a wonderland thatched roof cottage and we always stop in to admire it when in the area. We parked at the ice cream shoppe on the main street and had a walk around. This year, the thatched roof seems to be in need of a little repair but then we aren’t sure just how much the roof actually changes for year to year. It does seem to have quite a few dead spots in it this year though.

There is an excellent antique car dealer/collector on the main road in Thornton-le-Dale. We paid the admission to get in and see some wonderful old cars inside. They just had an auction and their usual stock of classic antique cars wasn’t as well arranged as it normally is but it was still great to see a Bentley, Ferrari, Mercedes, Sunbeam, Morris among others….about forty cars, as well as many antique motorcycles and bicycles too. Definitely worth a visit if you are ever in this area.

We returned to our self catering cottage in Castleton where we enjoyed a light supper before watching England and France draw in the EUFA 2012 series. We’ve been playing hand and foot canasta very night since arriving in Castleton and tonight’s win was another in a long series of wins for the boys. The girls are good sports about it though, despite our bragging on occasion. Not sure what we have planned for tomorrow but it will be fun, whatever it is!

Just a little note on how I am managing to update our blog while in England. I process my photos in Lightroom 4 and Photoshop CS6 on my Mac Book Pro and then export whichever photos I plan to use on the blog into the photo album on my iPad using iTunes. I type out the narrative for my blog using the Blogsy iPad app and then take my iPad with us in the car during our day trips. Blogsy will permit typing the narrative offline but photos can only imported into the blog when connected to the Internet. So far we’ve been fortunate enough to find a good enough data signal to import my photos while we are out driving around. Blogsy seems to prefer at least a 3G connection to upload photos though. Uploading photos using 2G/EVDO failed numerous times. It’s not a perfect system, but it seems to be working fairly well so far.