Pickering & Goathland

Yesterday turned into a beautiful day which unfortunately had to start with a trip to Whitby hospital. One of Jane’s knees started acting up for no reason which made it impossible to walk without limping. I also needed a little attention for what appears to be a small infection between my cheek and right ear. Nothing serious but it is tender and quite swollen. We were directed to the minor injury ward of Whitby hospital and received excellent treatment. We were in and out in less than an hour. I was given a week’s worth of penicillin to help sort out the infection at no charge. Jane was on crutches for a bit yesterday but her knee seems to have now sorted itself out.

We visited the tiny village of Goathland on the Yorkshire Moors which is one of the stopping points along the privately run Yorkshire Moors Railway. Goathland is also the setting for the town of Aidensfield featured in the 1960s British TV series, Heartbeat. The railway station was also featured as Hogwarts in the first Harry Potter movie. Chris sat with Jane in the car while Jim and I explored the railway station. As luck would have it a steam train arrived at the station while we were there and we managed to scale a hiking trail for the overhead view of two trains at the station seen here.

The market town of Pickering was our next stop. We visited Pickering Parish church and enjoyed a great roast beef and Yorkshire pudding lunch before checking out a few town shops. Pickering is also the main terminus for Yorkshire Moors Railway. Jim & I admired the Lancaster Fusilier steam engine from up close as it pulled away from the station on its way back to Whitby. The Olympic torch relay will be in Pickering next Monday and the torch will actually go north on the train. We are considering taking my mother on the train to Whitby later next week…….definitely won’t be Monday though!

From Pickering we toured some of the smaller side roads taking the scenic route back to our self catering flat in Castleton. We were surprised to be turned back at the bottom of a long and very steep downhill paved road to a flooded ford across a small creek. It was wide and deep enough that we decided against trying to cross it. We retraced our steps and passed by Riveaux Abbey. Pictures still coming on that one.