Robin Hood’s Bay

Robin Hood’s Bay

We spent a relatively quiet day in Filey yesterday. Chris & I walked around town and down on the sea front in the morning before heading back to the house. I finally got to try a chip butty for lunch at one of the tea rooms on the coble landing. Our friend Jim raves about them but for me the jury is still out. For those with inquiring minds, a chip butty is basically an order of french fries (chips in England) placed between two slices of buttered bread or as in the case yesterday, a large buttered hamburger bun. It was very tasty but I think I prefer fish & chips instead. At 500 plus calories each, you wouldn’t want to eat these on a regular basis though. Photo below is from Wikipedia.

While we sat at the sea front a military aircraft was on patrol or a training exercise overhead. It must have done a dozen circles in the skies over Filey and the North Sea. It was too high for me to tell what it was without binoculars unfortunately. Likely based out of RAF Staxton Wold which is not far away.

Mommy Dearest

The afternoon was quite busy. We upgraded my mother’s television the other day but her Sky satellite receiver has given up the ghost so a Sky TV tech dropped by to install a brand new one with a built in DVR. We’ve got it set up so it functions the same as before with the remote controls, etc but I’m not even going to try explaining how to record something. Too many gadgets and my mother doesn’t handle change very well. The above photo was taken at the tea room in Robin Hood’s Bay. Both eyes open for a change! Her accountant also popped by to sort out her taxes for this year. Our last appointment was with my mother’s lawyer to have her newly updated will signed. A busy day but we’ve saved my mother a little running around after we leave.

You can see the tearoom window on the right in this last photo. I love the narrow sidewalks or snickets found in many Yorkshire villages. Robin Hood’s Bay is a must visit for this area. There is a public car park at the top of a very steep hill. We usually park here and then walk down the paved path along the sea wall into the main village which is at the bottom of the hill. There are all sorts of shops, tearooms, pubs, B+Bs, etc scattered about town and you can spend hours her and on the beach when the tide is out. The return route is up a very steep road leading back to the car park. Thankfully, there is a paved stairway along the edge of the road with railings and lots of benches to have a break. My mother managed to get all the way back up the hill without stopping so she still has plenty of energy. Robin Hood’s Bay is also the end (or beginning) of the Coast to Coast Walk across the narrowest part of England….192 miles of amazing scenery from the Irish Sea town of St Bees in Cumbria to Robin Hood’s Bay on the North Sea. Chris & I are thinking that next year would be a great time to do this walk. Time for a little research and a little physical conditioning too!




  1. Dick June 30, 2012 at 12:54 pm #

    That first photo #941 PM2 is great. How old do you think those buildings are? You sure compose some super shots.

    • Mark June 30, 2012 at 3:25 pm #

      The village dates back to the 16th century when it was a haven for smugglers. There are tales of a vast network of underground tunnels joining the houses under the village but no one has ever found them. It’s a wonderfully scenic village though and a photographer’s paradise. Glad you like my work. Please pass the word.