Whitby In The Rain

Weather has been atrocious for the past two days with lots of rain and wind. It’s still mild enough….just wet. We managed a bit of shopping in the rain in Scarborough with my mother yesterday which wasn’t too bad because we were ducking in and out of shops at regular intervals. The girls still had fun. Chris found the pants with zip off legs she’s been looking for at an outdoor store but we had to go back today because she grabbed a three pack of hiking socks that weren’t the right size for her. Turns out sizing here is a little hit and miss though because the socks actually do fit. Two packets of hiking socks from the same manufacturer, both different sizes and socks from both packets fit. Who knew!

We headed back to Whitby after Scarborough and parked in the long stay parking lot near the railway station. Whitby was moderately busy but the normal foot traffic seen on the cobblestone streets wasn’t there today, likely because of the rain. After another stop in at the minor injuries unit for me, we set about our tour of Whitby. There is an inspiring and challenging staircase leading 199 steps from the lower town to the cemetery of St Mary’s and Whitby’s abbey at the top. Neither of us could resist counting the steps to ourselves as we trudged up the hill. Exploring St Mary’s cemetery with its severely weathered sandstone headstones is always an interesting way to spend an hour or two especially with camera in hand.

We took shelter from the wind and rain inside St Mary’s. My camera and lenses are water sealed but I saw no point in needlessly testing just how waterproof they were on this visit to Whitby. We dried off inside the church and took some time to explore. I tried a few HDR shots inside the church by setting my camera on top of one of the pews with my hat and a rain cover supporting the lens for the above shot of the minister’s podium. St Mary’s is a Norman church dating back to 1110.

The steps are a challenge both on the way up and on the way down. Oddly enough, there are 199 steps no matter which way you go. There is also a steep cobblestoned incline paralleling the church steps for much of the way as seen here. The stairs begin behind the gentleman standing at the bottom of the incline. We’ve climbed the incline before on past visits but thought it might be a little slippery in the rain this time. Note the two people wearing hooded jackets to help fend off the rain.

Photographing in the rain can produce some interesting results as seen in the above shot of Whitby’s cobblestone streets in lower town. I haven’t done anything to this shot in Photoshop other than tweak the contrast and sharpen it a little bit. Those are actually blue coloured cobblestones lining the gutter. The water brings out a nice sheen on the stones too.

We tried a different restaurant in Whitby for lunch. Quayside restaurant was our choice for lunch fare today and their fish & chips was excellent. We tried their coleslaw as well but both of us thought they used far too much mayonnaise. We prefer coleslaw with a vinegrette instead of mayonnaise base. Service was excellent and the food was served piping hot. Today’s last photograph was taken from in front of the restaurant as we returned to the car……still raining by the way!

My Think Tank Airport International camera bag comes with a removable rain cover which served me well today while walking about Whitby in the rain. I simply put the rain cover from the camera bag in my jacket pocket. Whenever it rained more than few drops, out came the rain cover and I wrapped it around my camera. Worked very well.