Wonderful Flight on Air Transat

Our Air Transat flight was excellent! Boarded and left on time and arrived in Birmingham at 7:50 am the next morning. The service was top notch all the way, so much so that we barely had time for a nap on the way over. We watched The Artist and Moneyball movies while sipping on wine and I even had a beer, which doesn’t happen very often. I tried to get a few shots of the sunset out our window with my iPhone but it wasn’t easy. I put the above shot through the twirl filter in the Photoforge editing app on my iPad and came up with the wave below. I thought it was pretty interesting how the original photo was transformed by a simple filter.

Upon arrival in Birmingham we were quickly whisked through Immigration. It only took about ten minutes and was a far cry quicker than any of our previous arrivals in Manchester or London where we lined up for at least an hour. After grabbing our bags, we were greeted by the smiling faces of our friends Jim and Jane as we exited the secure area and it wasn’t long before we were in the car for the very short drive to their home. We were both too exited to even take an afternoon nap and stayed up all day catching up on events in our lives since we all last saw each other. A great first day but we were both pooped by the time our heads finally hit our pillows. Jet lag is never fun.

Today we went into town for a little shopping. I needed to sort out a UK SIM card with phone and data for our month long stay and Chris picked out a father’s day card for her dad. I’m a little disappointed with O2, the mobile provider. I explained we needed SIM cards for our iPhones that allowed tethering of an iPad or laptop. I was assured a Pay As You Go sim card for the iPhone would meet our needs perfectly but once we got home and tried it out, we found that tethering was not supported. After calling O2 tech support, I was told an iPad sim card would support tethering, so Jim and I set off to O2 to pick up a different sim card. Again the local O2 staff assured me tethering was supported. However back at home, once we set up the new Sim card, we again found that tethering was not supported. O2 customer support was apologetic but offered no explanation how their staff in two different could be so misinformed about tethering. I’m pretty sure we can make do without the tethering though. I’ll just have to use my iPad to post to the Internet instead of my laptop. The important thing is we have ready iMessage contact with the kids back home.

It’s been quite wet since we arrived. Lots of rain but we leave for the Yorkshire Moors in the morning and hope the weather will I improve up there. We went out for a great carvery supper at the Plume of Feather pub in Solihull this evening. The four of us ate very well for less than £30. Turkey, baked ham, roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes and assorted vegetables. Wonderful!

I think the last two photos wave the flag very well. The first is some bolts of cloth we saw in a local sewing shop and the patriotic ironing board was on display as we walked out of the town mall.