Back to Canada

We were up bright and early yesterday for our return flight to Toronto. Jane got up to make coffee for everyone before we said our goodbyes so she and Miss Molly could have a few more winks while Jim ran us to Birmingham airport just after 6 am local time. The airport is only 10 minutes from their house. Jim dropped us at departures and we said tata to him as well. We are already planning another visit for next summer with perhaps a trip to Scotland thrown in too. Loch Ness is calling to Chris! We are all such great friends and have so much in common. Typical me though…..I forget to get a shot of us all together for the blog!

Chris & Inge

Check in at Birmingham airport was a breeze and I was politely reminded by three different Air Transat representatives to renew my passport soon….which I already was aware of but it was nice to be reminded too. True to form this past week or so, it was raining again as we boarded our flight. We both enjoyed the comforts of club class on Air Transat again and have decided this is not such a bad deal when you factor in extra seat and leg room, extra baggage and carry on allowance, excellent service, priority baggage claim, etc. The extra carry on allowance enabled me to bring my camera bag and laptop on board instead of risking damage or loss if these had to go as checked baggage. We both managed to doze off a bit on the way back and arrived back in Toronto to a virtually empty Canada Customs screening room. Our bags were in the first lot off the plane too and it was only 10 minutes or so before Sarah and Teddy picked us up outside.

Scarborough Statue on the Seafront


Teddy looked marvelous and had just been freshly groomed at PetsMart. Sarah, and our neighbours Dale & Sheila, had a little welcome home surprise waiting for our birthday girl. You can see the streamers and decorations around our lot along with the “sold” sign in our front window. We were greeted with hugs and handshakes all around along with a beverage while we sat in the shade trying to keep cool for much of the afternoon.


Recent weather in southern Ontario has been scorching to say the least. Temps were almost 40°C by late afternoon. Sarah had told us she didn't think our 3 roof top air conditioners we're functioning properly but it turned out to be nothing more than a couple of blown breakers which I quickly reset. Phaeton Place was in fine shape with birthday decorations inside as well. Sarah surprised Chris with an edible arrangement for her birthday. It was not only colorful but very tasty as well. We snacked on it outside and enjoyed more of it for dessert after our BBQ supper.

Chris's edible birthday bouquet

Just before supper, our power went a little wonky and our Progressive Industries surge protector started popping on and offline repeatedly. The digital readout told me our 50 amp site was experiencing low voltage on leg 1. Whenever voltage drops below 104 volts the surge protector stops power from entering the motorhome in order to protect from damage to our electronics. The park owner came over to look at the problem but wasn't sure how to fix it. We've had issues down south before where park voltage drops when lots of RVs are drawing peak power during hot spells with all the air conditioners pumping full out. Bruce felt it may be an issue with our motohome and I felt it was a park power problem. With 50 amp service we should be able to run all three roof top air conditioners at once even on very hot days. Each unit draws only 12.5 amps, so there is still plenty of amperage to spare. I wasn't sure either when Bruce asked, if all three units ran off one leg at the pole or if one unit ran off the second leg. Whatever the issue was it didn't get resolved last night. We managed to stop the surge protector from popping on and off by shutting off the number 2 air conditioner and just running the front and bedroom units. Not sure if that cured things or not but Bruce promised to have his “go to guy” look at thing first thing this morning.


Sure enough, Bob, the go to guy, popped by this morning. We figured out a few things. First, all three of our air conditioners run off leg 1 which makes sense when you think about it. If they didn't all run on the same leg, we wouldn't be able to pick and choose which unit to run when using a 30 amp site. Second, Bob thinks it looks like our site and Dale & Sheila's site, which are side by side and newly developed sites for RVs but who plug in on separate pedestals, are both pulling from the same leg on our power pedestal. Not sure how that can be if we each plug in on different power pedestals but……. Maybe the power to the two sites is hooked up in series. That means if Dale and Sheila were already running 2 air conditioners in their motorhome, they were already using 25 amps of the 50 amps available. Adding in our two units and we were over 50 amps and drawing down too much on the one leg. Not sure if I'm explaining things correctly here. Anyway, Bob switched the wiring around on the main service panel so both sites have separate 50 amp service now. I've had all three units running off and on when the thermostat signals them to run for the last two hours without any more problems but Dale & Sheila are away right now and I don't think they have any air conditioners running at the moment, so we may not be out of the woods just yet. We'll know soon enough though after they get back from golf later today and crank on the air.