Cycling – Mississauga to Oshawa

We had breakfast at our hotel this morning before pushing off around 7:20 am. Pretty good grub too considering some the mediocre continental breakfasts offered by some hotels. Bagels, croissants, toast, cereal, eggs, waffles, coffee, tea, juice…..the choice was difficult. I settled on a couple of croissants with peanut butter & jam, hard boiled egg and coffee. I also grabbed a couple of bananas for the road. Gary did the same.

Port Credit

The first part of our journey took us south on Mississauga Rd into Port Credit on the shores of Lake Ontario. From there we turned east on Lakeshore Drive until we saw signs for the waterfront trail. This trail is a combination of paved cycling path and regular streets that basically parallels the Lake Ontario shoreline all the way from Niagara through to Scarborough. We enjoyed a scenic and relaxing ride of 104 km all the way to Oshawa. We could have gone farther but lightning, thunder and pouring rain forced us to find a hotel around 4 pm.

We are glad we decided to duck down to Lake Ontario and enjoy the waterfront trail instead of cutting through the city on normal city roads. Traffic was pretty calm most of the day although we did see the paramedics, fire department and police out at a serious accident as we left Scarborough on Hwy 2. No need to use the GPS much today as we were heading east on either the trail or Hwy 2 all the way to Oshawa. We had to duck under the overhead awning at an old cinema in Oshawa about 4 km from our hotel to stay out of the rain. A little rain is okay but I don't much like cycling in busy traffic conditions when thunder and lightning are thrown into the mix.

Most motorists were very obliging to us giving us plenty of space as they passed us throughout the day and we always waved to say thanks particularly if traffic was congested. There was however one bonehead in a white Ford Edge on Harmony Rd who just had to stay in the slow lane on a divided four lane section as he honked his horn to pass us with absolutely no other traffic around. He got a little close and I let him know what I thought about his driving. Dumbass is as dumbass does! Rant over…….

We are staying at a Quality Inn in east Oshawa tonight. Our cycling duds have been washed, rinsed and are now in the dryer. Our pannier bags held up marvelously in the rain with absolutely no water inside anywhere. We wandered out to a Chinese buffet for supper which is just a short distance from our hotel.


Our plan for tomorrow is to get as far as Trenton where Gary wants to stop and see the Halifax bomber on display at the National Air Force Museum of Canada. I've never been to this museum and am also looking forward to it. We have only 200 km left to Kingston so we may just divide that into two more easy 100 km rides instead of pushing it. We'll see how we feel after visiting the museum tomorrow……might push on to Belleville perhaps to make the last leg into Kingston a little shorter on Tuesday. Time will tell. Hoping to be on the road early again tomorrow morning, likely before 7 am, so we can avoid any thunderstorms that seem to pop up in the afternoons.