Cycling Trip – Trenton to Kingston

We weren't very impressed with the Guest Inn in Trenton last night. It is an old and very tired looking motel but our room was clean to be sure, and moderately priced. The window air conditioner was on its last legs and it had great difficulty cooling our room. Getting cold water in the bathroom sink was near impossible too because of poor plumbing.

We had a long day on the road today …….well one of us did. After a great breakfast at Dapp's Restaurant across the street from our motel, we continued east on Hwy 2 to Kingston. The cycling gods were smiling on us today as we had a nice tailwind pretty much the whole way. There were a few really good hills along the way but for the most part our ride was relatively flat. A bit of road construction in downtown Belleville but the rest of our ride was fabulous. We had about 90 km to go to Motel 6 in Kingston. Departing Trenton at 7:15 am, we eventually arrived in Kingston just after noon.

It was brutally hot & humid today with temps soaring to around 36°C before noon. Thankfully, the tailwind plus our forward movement generated enough of a breeze to keep us cool….ish! We still stopped every 90 minutes or so for a drink and snack. The humidity was brutal though. Lots of sun screen slathered on today. Only had to squint and wipe my eyes a couple of times as it ran down my forehead.

Gary and I sat on a bench in the shade outside Motel 6 in Kingston until Chris & Sarah arrived from Waterloo. After one last photo op of three great highschool friends, Gary said goodbye and departed on his own for Brockville….another 90 km in oppressive heat but it had to be done if Gary is to finish his cross country trek before meeting Sue in Halifax on July 28th. Good on you pal….I had a blast accompanying you for the last four days and wish you cooler temperatures with continued tailwinds as you soldier on.



  1. Karen July 18, 2012 at 9:09 am #

    Way to go Mark!! Hope you get a room with good air conditioner for your stay there.

    • Mark July 19, 2012 at 6:26 am #

      Motel 6 was great! Had the central air conditioner dialed in at 67°F right away and the room cooled off in no time. Sarah & Matt stayed there last night after we left Kingston too. Looking forward to seeing you this weekend.