Cycling & Yoga

It's been a busy week since our return from England. Lots on the go with Matt's graduation at CFB Kingston next week, a friend from England on a charity cross Canada cycling trip passing through later this week and our wedding arrangements for mid August. Time is just flying by this summer.

We had a pancake breakfast on Sunday morning. Chris made pancakes inside while I grilled up the bacon on our baby Weber followed by eggs sunny side up. I even drizzled a little maple syrup on the eggs while they were frying and they turned out really well. Pancakes included a mixed berry sauce and whipped cream. They were so good they disappeared before I could manage a picture. Lindsay popped up for a visit and supper later in the day and dropped off some camping equipment for Matt & Sarah.

The campground staff has been sprucing up our site and the one next door. We've had problems with children and even some adults using our sites as a shortcut to get to and from the swimming pool so the owner is putting in a raised berm built at the back of both sites with shrubs and plants to act as a natural barrier. He has even sprung for two large heavy gauge plastic 8×10 ft storage sheds from Lowes, one for each site. Sheds are being erected now and I keep teasing Sarah that she'll soon have her own bedroom.

A high school friend from our military days in Germany will be passing through on his cross Canada cycling trip later this week. I've managed to get my touring bike out of moth balls so to speak and got out for a couple of 30 km solo rides yesterday and today. I'll do one more ride tomorrow before we all meet up for dinner in Stratford on Thursday night with another friend from high school. If plans go well, I hope to accompany Gary as far as Kingston, Ontario which is about 400 km from Waterloo. We'll head off for Kingston on Saturday and should be there by Tuesday afternoon. Matt has his graduation at CFB Kingston on July 18th so that will give us four days to cover the 400 km. The legs feel good so far but it's the butt I'm more concerned about. Four long days in the saddle in succession might smart a little. Sarah and Chris will drive to Kingston in the Vue and meet us at the hotel.

While I've been busy cycling these past two days, Sarah has taken Chris with her to her gym around 9 am each morning. Yesterday morning was meditation yoga and today was hot yoga. Chris loves yoga classes and plans to keep up at the gym until we head south in November. They both talked me in to taking them out for lunch at Spring Rolls Go in Conestogo Mall this afternoon. Lunch was excellent!! Sarah had her eye brows done and joined us for coffee in the mall. Before long both girls were back having a pedicure done while I visited the Apple Store and drooled over the new retina display 15″ Mac Book Pro. My Smugmug photo galleries look great at the higher resolution retina display of new MBP.