Mac Book Pro Upgrade to Mountain Lion OS

We spent an entire afternoon in the Apple Store in Waterloo this past Sunday, trying to sort out what happened with the failed Mountain Lion OS upgrade I did on Chris's Mac Book Pro. My biggest concern was that the hard drive would need reformatting or possible replacing but thanks to Kay, our very patient and funny Apple Genius tech, we were up and running by about 4 pm. Best advice Kay could offer was that some obscure bit of data did not transfer properly during the upgrade which rendered the MBP inoperative. Thankfully, Chris experienced no loss of data either but that did reinforce my suggestion to her over the last few months to make regular backups of her hard drive. I'm one to talk though because I don't backup my hard drive as often as I should either. Do any of us?



So with both Chris's and my MBP humming along nicely on Mountain Lion OS, the next logical task was to tackle the same upgrade on Sarah's MBP. I was glad to see the upgrade went off without a hitch. One thing we did have to do at the Apple store was purchase an external hard drive so we could back up all Chris's data right in the store before reformatting her hard drive. We opted for the 1 TB firewire drive from G Drive which Apple sells. It comes with a 3 year warranty and data transfer speeds over firewire are tons faster than over USB. One thing I can't figure out though is how I managed to pay for the G Drive and it is now Chris's external hard drive? At least I can still look at the empty box. :)



The need to regularly back up data in the event of a hard drive crash, theft, natural disaster, etc can not be stressed enough. Apple products all have Time Machine built into Mac OS so we are giving it a try to see if there are any features missing. Ideally, we need a backup strategy that can backup to external hard drives (USB & firewire) as well as network drives too. Making a bootable drive is also a required feature. There are other options available too for Mac OS. Carbon Copy Cloner from Bombich Software and SuperDuper from Shirt Pocket are two excellent Mac apps that I am playing around with right now. CCC was, until recently, donationware but upgrading to a Mountain Lion OS compatible version takes the app into a commercial product which will cost you just $29.96 (25% discount) until the end of August 2012. SuperDuper sells for $27.95. Both apps are very well reported on and each have huge followings with Mac users. I've just downloaded a trial version of SuperDuper and am giving it a go on my MBP over the wifi network in Phaeton Place. Backup is slow over wifi but doing it over night while we sleep should be easy enough.