Mountain Lion OSX Install

Chris & I switched from Windows laptops to Mac Book Pros last spring and have never looked back.  Apple’s Lion OSX has been superb but the newly released Mountain Lion OSX was beckoning to us……saying, “Please upgrade your MBP laptops!”  The problem was that Apple no longer sells or gives out software upgrades on DVD.  All upgrades are now done as downloads through the Mac App Store.  Mountain Lion OSX comes weighs in at a hefty file size of 4.4 GB making it impossible to download over our satellite internet or mobile phone data plans. The download itself would take 6-8 hours to complete.

One of the pitfalls of fulltime RVing is that the convenience of high speed unlimited internet usually seen in a stick house, rarely exists. So it falls on us to be a little more resourceful than normal.  We tried Starbucks yesterday while grabbing a coffee but even there the wifi connection was not great and the download would have taken almost 4 hours.  I thought about having my son do the download for me and transfer it over to a USB stick but Chris had an even better idea.  Why not try the Apple store at Conestogo Mall in Waterloo.  I checked with the Apple store this morning and was told this was a very popular way to go and that lots of people download updates, apps, etc in the Apple store.  So off to Apple we went where I was shown to a table.  I plugged in my MBP, paid my $19.99, and the download started.  It took about 30 minutes to download the OSX.  Their wifi connection is very fast.  I even went one step further and followed the instructions above on how to make a Mountain Lion USB stick.  All I had to do was download Lion DiskMaker  and follow the instructions to move Mountain Lion OSX over to a USB stick.  Pretty simple really.  We were in and out of the Apple store in less than an hour and on our way home after a bit of lunch in the food court.

The install from the USB  stick went flawlessly on my MBP and Mountain Lion appears to be running very well thus far.  Next step was Chris’s MBP.  Unfortunately, that install didn’t go quite so well.  I transferred the USB stick over to Chris’s MBP and the install started fine but I got an install error about half way through the process.  Looks like there may be a problem with her hard drive according to Disk Utility.  Still trying to resolve that issue before attempting our last install on Sarah’s MBP.  Looks like we may be going back to the Apple store to resolve the hard drive issue though.