Trenton Revisited

Matt’s graduation from his electronics training course at CFB Kingston was a quiet affair.   Fourteen candidates successfully completed the 9 month intensive electronics course which is the equivalent of a 2 year college program.  The graduation ceremony was held at the Signals Museum on base.  Graduates are being sent to various military bases across Canada to continue further training.  Matt’s posting will be at CFB Borden near Barrie, ON.  He and Sarah are moving all his “stuff” up there today.  Sorry, no photos of the graduation.  Lighting conditions in the museum were poor and we weren’t seated close enough to get any good shots with my iphone.

Bayside Secondary School

Chris & I headed back to Waterloo yesterday afternoon.  We took the scenic route instead of Hwy 401 and retraced my cycling route back as far as Cobourg.  Chris spent some of her youth in Trenton, ON where her family was stationed with the Air Force in the early 70s.  She wanted to have a little trip down memory lane so we stopped to check out several spots.  Chris was a charter student at Bayside Secondary School when it opened so we stopped to have a look inside.  Some things have changed but many things still remain the same.  The lockers used to be assorted colours but are now all painted red.  There was even a name from the graduating student list of 1975 that I remember.  Tim Sexsmith and I were in grade 9 together at Base Borden Collegiate Institute before my parents were posted back to Germany in 1970.  Chris knew Tim as well.  Wonder where he is now?

42B Regina Crescent

After looking at Bayside Secondary School, we drove down RCAF Blvd to the PMQ area to have a look at the PMQ where Chris lived as a child.  Her family lived in the left side of the above duplex.  We lived in a similar model in CFB Borden before moving back to Germany for a second tour in 1970.  Seems like most military bases had the same style PMQs.  We also found the old IGA store and the apartment above it where Chris’s family lived while waiting for a PMQ.  The store is no longer an IGA but the view of the Trent river across the street is still as great as she remembers it 40 odd years ago.

Apartment above old IGA store

Our last stop was at Trenton Elementary School, only a short walk from the old apartment.  This was where Chris climbed a tree during her monkey days as a youngster and also where she fell from this same tree and broke her neck.  She was in a body cast followed by a cervical collar for many months but came through the process with flying colours.  We wandered through the school yard and actually found the same tree so I’ve grabbed a shot of it too.  Of course Chris’s eyes water every time she sees leaves falling from trees but that certainly understandable.  :):)

Chris’s Tree

We took Hwy 401 back to Waterloo from Cobourg and managed to get most of the way through Toronto before being slowed down near Hwy 400.  We lost about twenty minutes of driving time there but that’s not bad for Toronto driving standards during rush hour.  Once we got past the airport, traffic thinned out quite a bit and we arrived back in Waterloo around 7:30 pm.  Our neighbours, Frank & Diane, were babysitting Teddy while we were in Kingston.  Teddy was a bundle of quivering energy as we walked across the street to pick him up.  He’s so great to come home to!