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A few of the captive birds we saw at African Lion Safari.  It was great to see these birds up close but we were saddened to have to see them in penned enclosures.  The park was too busy to ask any of the staff but we suspect these birds were all incapable of surviving in the wild, so I suppose having them alive and cared for offers some small solace.  The condor was magnificent to see.  Although he is unlikely to win any beauty contests with such a head, the wing span of this magnificent bird is truly remarkable…..up to 10.5 ft….. the largest wingspan of any land bird.

Andean Condor (Captive)  Andean Condor (Captive)

 Friendly Barred Owl (Captive)

Barred Owl (Captive)

I forgot to ask the ranger handling this owl but I think it’s a young barred owl.  I waited for a few minutes for the crowd to thin out before attempting any photos.  This little guy didn’t want to open his eyes too wide so the ranger stroked him under his chin thinking it would wake him up a bit.  Judging by the photo, this little guy liked the chin stroking alot….but his eyes closed even more!  There were probably half a dozen different birds on tether being displayed by the rangers as we walked through the bird exhibit.

 African Fish Eagle

African Fish Eagle (Captive)

The African Fish Eagle closely resembles the bald eagle with it’s white head and dark brown body.  The male has a wingspan of 6 ft and the larger female measures 8 ft, tip to tip.  This guy was perched on a tree limb inside a fenced enclosure.  Not a care in the world as he watched the crowd intently.  The African Fish Eagle is the national bird of  both Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Australian Black Swan  Australian Black Swan

We stopped for an ice cream before heading back to the Vue and while Chris and the kids stood in line, I went down to the lake to have a closer look at this Australian Black Swan I spotted as we entered the park.  He was quite content to float about 15-20 ft off shore waiting for people to throw him food.  I waited for him to duck his head into the water in search of food and pushed the shutter as he resurfaced.  Note the water streaming from his beak.


  1. Erin August 9, 2012 at 7:01 pm #

    We were privileged to see the Andean condor in flight when we were in Ecuador recently. Beautiful in flight for sure … no photos though. It came out of nowhere and was too far by the time the cameras could even come out.

    • Mark August 13, 2012 at 5:21 pm #

      I’ve been checking your blog and love your Ecuador photos. Fantastic trip.