New Flying J & Minor Motorhome Repairs

We headed for Leisure Days RV Centre in Ayr, ON yesterday in order to pick up a new on/off switch for the propane side of our Suburban water heater. I was hoping to grab two switches in order to have a spare but they only had one in stock, so one will have to do for now. The built in light is orange instead of red but it will do for now. Leisure Days is just west of Kitchener, ON off Hwy 401 on Cedar Creek Rd and an easy on and off for any size RV. In fact, the Esso truck stop next door to Leisure Days is now a full service Flying J so there is plenty of room even for big rigs. Apparently, Flying J took over the Esso station about a month ago. Not sure about propane availability though or overnight parking. The switch set me back a whole $7.11.

We’ve had to look after a few minor repairs this summer. Our front steps broke on Sarah while we were both in England earlier this summer. Turns out the step ball joint assembly which sends the stairs in and out when the door is opened or closed snapped in half. I ordered a new one from Red Bay and a couple of new rollers for the shower door as well. International shipping from Red Bay plus the cost of the items was still cheaper than buying from McPhail’s in Harriston, ON which is just up the road. Shower rollers were an easy replacement but I’m leaving the step repair until Chris & Sarah start their road trip back to Edmonton later this month.

We headed into Stratford for a wander around after leaving Leisure Days. Lots of people in town enjoying the shows, river front and downtown area. I left my camera at home unfortunately or else I could have got some nice shots of the ducks and swans along the river. We stopped to have a closer look at the young swans with their grayish down and feathers but one of the adults thought I was getting too close and took a peck at one of my feet. Nothing serious of course but we backed off regardless. I did manage to grab a shot of the tourism booth along the river with my iPhone.



  1. Tony & Christine August 20, 2012 at 7:48 pm #

    Congratulations on the big day!
    Much happiness, safe travels and looking forward to enjoying more of your many great photographic adventures.
    Perhaps this winter we can join you on a photo shoot. Looking forward to that possibility.
    Keep in touch.
    Many happy returns!
    Tony & Christine

    • Mark August 28, 2012 at 3:52 pm #

      Hi guys!

      It’s been a really hectic summer so far and we are both looking forward to some much needed rest in Florida this winter. Hoping to spend the winter in Sebring area. I’m always up for a photo shoot. Please let me know where you’ll be and we’ll get something organized for sure.