Waterloo Happenings……

Time continues to fly by in southern Ontario.  The weather has turned a little cooler in recent days and we’ve even been getting some badly needed rain.  Farmers in the area must certainly be happy and I know our newly sodded RV site at Green Acre Park has certainly benefited from the rain.  I even cut the grass yesterday with one of the rental mowers provided in the park.  The sod was laid at the beginning of May and was doing great until the long stretch of high temps and no rain throughout most of June and July.  With watering restrictions in place, it was hard to see the grass slowly turn from green to brown, but recent rainfall has things greening up again nicely.

A couple more photos taken within the park last week.  The first is a shot of our next door neighbour’s lot and motorhome.   Dale and Sheila are great people and we really enjoy their company.  They’ve also adopted Teddy as a dog they wish they had.  Teddy has lots of pals in the park but what’s not to love.  He’s a cutie for sure.  Notice the large pre fab shed in the top photo.  The park erected one of these sheds on each of our lots and they have certainly come in handy.  Our bikes are inside the shed for the summer (when we aren’t using them) instead of hanging on the back of the motorhome.  No matter how waterproof or dustproof the bike cover is while they hang on the rack on the back of our motorhome, water and dust still seems to find a way in.  Not enough to cause any damage….just enough to make it an effort to keep the bikes clean and dirt free.  The second photo shows the koi pond and bridge.  The fish feeders on the bridge are very popular and the fish swim over right away looking for food.

  Great Egret in Flight

I’ve spent the last few weekends up in Kincardine helping to move my father and mother in law out of their apartment of ten years and into retirement homes.  With the help of children and grand children the moves went surprisingly well.  My brother in law, Bill, who works here at Green Acre Park, and I took turns driving up together to assist in the moves.  Suffice it to say both parents are happy in their new digs.  Matt has headed back to CFB Borden to start more training with the military.  Sarah & Chris will soon be on their way back to Edmonton via car in time for Sarah to start her last year of college in Edmonton. What else is happening around here?…………Oh yeah, Chris & I are tying the knot in St Jacobs this coming Saturday (August 18th).  A small ceremony with just us and our children followed by some family photos and a nice dinner out in Waterloo.  Everything is falling nicely into place.  Hoping the sunny skies in the forecast materialize.  It’s all very exciting!


  1. Kim Horn August 18, 2012 at 8:20 pm #

    Congratulations to you and Chris! Many happy years ahead!
    Love Kim, Phil, Noah and Zoey.. and our little pooch Ziggy!!
    Post some pics soon!!

  2. Jeannie August 16, 2012 at 8:20 pm #

    Well, congratulations are in order! How wonderful for you both. Best wishes for the future.

  3. Erin August 15, 2012 at 5:51 pm #

    Congrats to you both on your upcoming wedding.